Return Fire

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  • 3227
    Yes, Fire Power II for the PlayStation seems cool - the frame rate is good. Completed the tutorial level, 'The Cakewalk'.
  • 3228
    Completed one of(?) the second levels, 'Powder Puff'.
  • 3229
    Completed another levels, 'Will's Agony'.
  • 3230
    I just blew up a lot of buildings and ran over the fleeing survivors with my tank, resulting in the Fire Power-esque 'splat' sound. Satisfied with my work, I pressed 'Start' to pause the game. And then ... a message from Department of the Army - United States of America: 'DON'T PLAY IT, DO IT. BE ALL YOU CAN BE... 1(800)USA-ARMY'. Based on what I just played .... *shudder*
  • 3231
    Completed level 'Curl Up and Die'.
  • 3233
    Completed all stage 2 levels.
  • 2017-12-26
  • 8272
    I played a long and slightly boring level. The first couple of levels are not that interesting due to the lack of opposition.