Golden Axe: TRoDA (Arcade)

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Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder

Log entries

  • [3334]
    I have been testing a bit to figure out a good setup for playing games on my awesome new Dell XPS 8700. I want to have the box close to the table I use for hobby work, but still want to have it connected to my TV and stereo for playing games. A long HDMI cable should do the trick, but I have to figure out how to control the games. A good choice could be the PS4 controller, which I just got working using InhexSTER's DS4Tool that installs a driver and wraps the PS4 input, emulating an Xbox 360 controller, which should work with most games. It works for me, even over BlueTooth, and the first game I tested it out on was this, the arcade sequel to Golden Axe.
  • [3335]
    The game is fun, combat is fast and looks cool, but the core gameplay has not changed too much since the 1989 original, and it still consists mostly of slowly kiting the enemies around, getting them all on the same side, and attacking at the right moment. All enemies can become stunned, which allows your dude (or weird horse lady) to deliver a satisfying combo to them, preferably involving hammering the pommel of your sword into the back of the heads of enemies. The game has route choice, and ends with a two-stage boss fight against Death Adder, followed by a fake ending preceding the third and final boss fight stage.
  • [3336]
    completed the game with Stern using 26 continues. FIN. SEE YOU NEXT GAME.


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