Golden Axe

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Come closer, skeletons, and meet your abyssy doom

log entries

  • 3357
    Played through stages 1-6 with Gilius Thunderhead (The dwarf), killed Death Adder, and lost my last life on stage 7. It seems he was taking orders from a higher power. I don't remember a plot twist in the Amiga version? Weird. Anyway, the Genesis version is great, and the music sounds exactly as it should.
  • 3358
    Reached stage 8, Death Bringer, the palette-swapped version of Death Adder, and the final boss, using Tyris Flare (the amazon). It turns out you can't kill his 2 Skeleton henchmen.
  • 3359
    Basic strategies of Golden Axe: 1. Don't get surrounded. 2. Enemies can be lured into falling into pits. 3. You can charge attack over pits to avoid falling. 4. You can charge attack bosses without much danger, including Death Adder.
  • 2014-01-17
  • 3360
    RRAAAARRGGGG!! Played an awesome game with my Dwarf, but lost 5 lives to Death Bringer. So cheap!
  • 3361
    Hmm... I could use the character select 'down+left+B, start' level selection cheat to practice Death Bringer.
  • 2017-02-18
  • 7510
    I used the cheat to start from level 7 and practice fighting Death Bringer, but he seems impossible! Even using save states in the mednafen emulator, I haven't beat him yet.
  • 7511
    OK, after spending a lot of time training, I learned how to manipulate the movement of the two uber-skeletons and Death Bringer, and I learned the all-important 'Death Stab' move - run, jump, attack - which deals *a lot* of damage. My pattern for the boss fight was:
    1. Go to the top left corner and use the magic attack.
    2. As Death Bringer is getting up, hit him with the Death Stab. Repeat 3 times or until you get hit.
    3. Maneuver to the other side of the screen from Death Bringer and keep moving up and down, denying the skeletons attacks.
    4. Note which skeleton is attacking you, and when it is roughly lined up with Death Bringer, do a normal jumping attack.
    5. At this point, Death Bringer will often use his magic ground attack. Do a Death Stab attack over it, and hit him. Try getting in one more attack and then return to keeping your distance.
    6. Repeat. If you attacked him with a fully charged magic attack with Tyris Flare, you'll only need to hit him with the Death Stab 6 times.
  • 7512
    completed the game with Tyris Flare (ARCADE MODE). Yes! I finally defeated Death Bringer and completed the game. I love this game, but it can also be extremely frustrating. I switched to my real Genesis after training on the emulated version.
  • 7513
    Eurgh. I wanted to complete the game again on mednafen, streaming to YouTube, but I failed several times. In the last attempt, I was 1 hit from defeating Death Bringer. 1 hit. Damn.