Vicious Orcs (Windows)

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         Developer : Jeff Lait
             Genre : Roguelike
          Graphics : Character Art

not completed.
Vicious Orcs was written by Jeff Lait, who also wrote POWDER. It has a well-designed interface, unusually so for a roguelike. Lait wrote it in a week, which makes it all the more impressive.
I do see a bridge

Log entries

  • [3737]
    Among the user-friendly interface details are: automatically adjusting your movement direction when blocked by a wall, and automatic equipping a new item that is better than a previous item of the same class.
  • [3738]
    Damn, killed by a stupid Kobold Archer on dungeon level 2. I need to get a ranged attack.
  • [3739]
    Hmm... You can meditate on the small island outside town to gain mana.
  • [3740]
    Food restores health.
  • [3741]
    Yes, a Book of Conflagration so I can cast fireballs!
  • [3742]
    Blue Potion of ACID! Oh no!
  • [3743]
    Killed Slimes and an Icebeast.
  • [3744]
    Noooo! Killed by Spider poison on depth 3. And I had so much gold...


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