Ms. Pac-Man (SEGA Genesis)

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            Series : Pac-Man
Original Developer : Midway
    Port Developer : Tengen
             Genre : Top-down maze game
        Other Tags : Female Protagonist
           Port of : Ms. Pac-man (1981 Arcade) 

      Achievements :

not completed.
Ms. Pac-Man


Scores - Arcade (Hard):
 18870 ...........  on 2014-05-05
 17290 ...........  on 2014-05-05

Log entries

  • I ordered the lady Pac-Man from eBay together with 'Two Crude Dudes'.
  • 2014-05-05
  • This seems like a pretty solid Pac-Man game. I tried playing with my favourite controller, an official six-button controller, but it didn't seem to work right with Ms. Pac-Man. It worked fine with the standard 3-button controller, but I got an even better idea: After setting the difficulty to Hard (3/4) and selecting levels, I connected my old Amiga The Arcade joystick, which worked wonderfully.
  • Got the score 17290 in Arcade (Hard).
  • Got the score 18870 in Arcade (Hard).
  • 2014-05-06
  • I got a visit from Nabaz, Jonas, and Mikkel S, and I played a few rounds of cooperative and competitive 2-player Pac-Man. It was pretty fun, although I had to get used to the weird design choice of scrolling levels that force player 2 to play blind while off-screen.

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