World of Illusion (SEGA Genesis)

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Donald Duck looks so angry. So very angry.


  • 14199 

    This game runs at 60 FPS.

Log entries

  • 3891 
    That is some great underwater music. Complex and with great sound programming, courtesy of composers Haruyo Oguro and Tomoko Sasaki.
  • 3892 
    Password: Goofy, Pluto, Scrooge, Daisy. Goofy is king of hearts. He is definitely king of my heart. Goofy is so awesome.
  • 3893 
    'PRESS ME' - go for the 3 dice.
  • 3894 
    Donald, Cow, Goofy, Pluto.
  • 3895 
    Completed the game with Mickey Mouse. What an incredibly short and easy game. I guess it's for really small children. But still, the graphics and music is great, so for a short while, you are somewhat entertained, if not challenged.
  • 3896 
    Donald Duck password: Pluto, Donald, Cow, Daisy.
  • 3897 
    The underwater music theme is number 9 in the menu.
  • 2022-05-14
  • 13055 
    I showed this to Malu, we should play it in coop later.
  • 2023-03-11
  • 14158 
    Completed the game.

    We completed the game, still pretty easy. I played as Donald Duck, Malu as Mickey.

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