Spelunky (PlayStation 4)

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            Series : Spelunky
Original Developer : Derek Yu
    Port Developer : Derek Yu
            Genres : 2D Platformer
                     Randomized Levels
                     Roguelike inspired
          Features : Local Cooperative Gameplay
            Themes : Tomb raiding
      Release Info : Free with PlayStation Plus
        Other Tags : Tile-based Backgrounds
           Port of : Spelunky (2012 360) 

          Trophies : truetrophies.com



 60150 ...........  on 2014-10-19


  • For reference, to get to the Hell levels, I should do the following:
    • World 1: get key and open chest
    • World 2: Use locator to find Black Market, get Ankh from shopkeeper
    • World 3: In level 3-2 or 3-3, find the Moai head, and die (holding the Ankh).
    • World 3: Inside, get the Hedjet.
    • World 4: Kill Anubis in 4-1 and get the Sceptre.
    • World 4: Find the golden door in 4-2 and use the Sceptre as a key.
    • City of Gold: Find Book of the Dead and Kill Anubis II.
    • World 4: Kill Olmec below the door to Hell in the lava, stand on his head, and enter the door.

Log entries

  • Spelunky is free for PS Plus members on PS4! Awesome!
  • 2014-10-12
  • I've started over getting stuff for the Tunnel Man (Bomb, Rope, 10,000$). I reached the last Mine level, but got into a brutal Shotgun fight with a Shopkeeper, and we both shot each other.
  • 2014-10-16
  • Opened the tunnel to the Jungle. Now to get two bombs to the Tunnel Dude.
  • 2014-10-19
  • I have given two Bombs and two Ropes to the Tunnel Man, next I guess he needs a Shotgun.
  • Got the score 60150. After 96 games on PS4, I have reached the point where you have to bring the key from the Mines to the Tunnel man at the end of the Ice Caves. I haven't even gotten close, but I had some excellent runs. My new tactics include picking up mines, dodging rock traps on the ground, using Aliens to shoot at enemies below.
  • 2014-11-27
  • Played a few games at work with Michael. I managed to reach the Ice Caves and he noticed an exit at the top of a vertical alien chute, through which I entered some alien levels for the first time. And then I fell to my death.
  • 2016-01-02
  • I played a few games with Thomas J and Yngve, gaining no progress whatsoever.
  • 2016-01-09
  • Accomplished Gold Key Run. - I finally did it! I brought a Gold Key from the Mines to the Tunnel Man waiting after the Ice Caves. Shortly thereafter, I was facing the mighty Olmec with a single hit point and died. But now I can practice the Temple levels. I have been working towards this since mid 2012. :)
  • 2016-02-22
  • I reached Olmec with Johanne watching, ended up sitting atop him, and she suggested that I could control his movement with my position on his head. I ended up dying, but I believe that was pretty useful information.
  • 2016-03-30
  • Got the Eternal Life trophy. - I've played a couple of games of Spelunky during breaks at the office, and managed to get from the Mines to the Temple, and visited the Black Market and got the Ankh.
  • 2016-09-03
  • I played a single round of Spelunky with my new colleague, Jannick, at work. We got to the Jungle.
  • 2018-09-10
  • I'm very excited for the sequel, and want to finish this game before it comes out. I reached Olmec once, and was squished.
  • 2018-09-15
  • I'm slowly gaining confidence in the Temple level by dying over and over again and learning more about the enemies. I still don't know how to open the golden doors. It's related to the Scepter, but I don't know how. Olmec is still causing me trouble.
  • Completed the game. After 6 years, 432 games on PS4, hundreds of games Xbox 360, and a few games on Windows and Vita, I finally completed Spelunky by digging a big hole for Olmec with bombs and luring him into it.
  • I played a couple of times from the beginning, and reached the Black Market (and then died).

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