Alien Storm (SEGA Genesis)

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Scores - MiSTer:
 34 ..............  with Garth on 2021-04-19

Other scores:
 26 ..............  on 2017-07-08

Log entries

  • [7949]
    Got the score 26. RANK: APPRENTICE. I reached the UFO level, don't know how many levels this game has.
  • [7950]
    This game is basically sci-fi Golden Axe, even down to magic potions (ENERGY) dropped by elves (little mutant freaks). The basic brawling gameplay feels a bit weird, but I like the crazy style and the minigames, especially the rail shooter sequences.
  • 2021-04-19
  • [11819]
    I reached mission 7. This game is silly, but all right. The boss fights are not great, though.
  • [11820]
    Got the score 34 in MiSTer.


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