Mirror Drop (Windows)

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         Developer : Ian Lilley
             Genre : Puzzle Games
          Graphics : Ray Tracing

not completed.

Mirror Drop is an abstract puzzle game with fully ray traced graphics. The gameplay consists of navigating around a 3D space, toggling walls that attract a ball and thus position it on top of targets. The main challenge is decoding the geometry of the level space, which is challenging in levels consisting of abstract shapes and mirrors, often rendered with an extreme field of view, making it visually ambiguous. As a level progresses, rendering properties such as color, field of view, or reflectivity will change, further challenging the player's understanding of the space. In a world where almost all games have been rendering using textured polygons for the last decades, Mirror Drop demonstrates the potential of an alternative 3D rendering technique. Mirror Drop's creator Ian Lilley won the 2019 IGF award for 'Excellence in Visual Art'.

Image source: store.steampowered.com

Log entries

  • 10079 
    This game takes up 28 MB on disk. Very cool :)
  • 10080 
    I tried recording from this game with OBS, but it dropped frames like crazy. Maybe I should record with a software encoder instead.
  • 2021-07-31
  • 12130 
    I moved my Dell XPS 8700 to the TV, enabled Steam Big Picture mode, and started playing a few games with a controller. This game runs OK on the old machine with auto quality turned on. It seems to automatically lower the resolution to keep a consistent frame rate.
  • 12131 
    I completed the first 11 levels. It gets absolutely fascinating to try to understand the ambiguity of levels with simple abstract shapes, mirrors, and extreme field of view. I love what this game does to my brain in the early part of playing a level.

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