Pac-Man 99 (Nintendo Switch)

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            Series : Pac-Man
         Developer : Arika

not completed.
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  • [11784]
    Eating a Ghost sends a Jammer Pac-Man to other players. Jammer Pac-man slows you down.
  • [11785]
    The face buttons select which effect Power Pellets have. Select Power-Up , then activate eating a Power Pellet. Stronger sends more Jammer Pac-Mans per ghost, but Power Pellet active time is reduced. Train adds more ghosts to ghost trains, but you get extra Jammer Pac-Man in your own maze. Speed doubles movement speed, but you send less jammers.
  • [11786]
    Fruits are summoned by eating half of the dots in a maze. Eating fruit reset the maze and kills Red Jammers.

Log entries

  • [11782]
    I played a few games of this awesome and intense Battle Royale-style Pac-Man game, free for the Switch.
  • [11783]
    My highest ranking was number 10.


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