Doom Eternal (PlayStation 5)

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            Series : Doom
Original Developer : id Software
    Port Developer : id Software
            Genres : First person shooter
                     Space Marines
          Graphics : Ray Tracing
                     High-dynamic-range rendering
                     120 Frames per Second
            Themes : Hell
        Other Tags : mindcontrol
           Port of : Doom Eternal (2020 PS4) 

          Trophies :

not completed.
Image source: ImLibo @ Twitter


  • After having recorded a lot of games for YouTube, including games from 50 years ago, and even VR games, it feels almost strange that I can't capture the experience of playing Doom in 120 FPS at all. Right now, Doom can only be seen in 120 FPS if you are physically in front of the appropriate hardware. I guess that's the way it always was before the 2000s.

  • Navigation is Frustrating: The navigation of the maps in this game is not fun for me. I'm having tons of fun with the combat, and the presentation and style is absolutely spot on. I just don't like finding my way through the relatively complicated 3D maps and doing first person jump puzzles. I don't want to record gameplay from this game, because I'm constantly stuck, not knowing where to go.

Log entries

  • I got the free PS5 upgrade. There is no save game transfer, so I'm starting over. But now the game has raytraced reflections, which is very neat. Several times in the first level, I just stood around, watching the reflections.
  • 2021-07-06
  • In a quick session before work, I completed mission 1/13 on Ultra-violence difficulty. Those raytraced reflections look real good...
  • 2023-03-20
  • I played a level in 120 FPS mode, it feels impossibly smooth. It's heart breaking that I have to choose between ray tracing and 120 FPS. I love them both equally!

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