Gunlord X (Nintendo Switch)

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Original release year: 2012

not completed.
This spiritual sequel to the Turrican series was created by a German team for the Neo Geo MVS in a period from 2003 to 2012. An updated version of the game was released for Nintendo Switch and PS4 in 2019.
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Log entries

  • [12126]
    I completed stage 1-2, but I have trouble with stage 3.
  • [12127]
    The game adheres strictly to the aesthetics and design philosophy of the Turrican games. Even the the large, confusing levels are like the Turrican games.
  • [12128]
    The music is great, carefully replicating what Chris Huelsbeck would have made in the early 90's with CD-audio, down to using a bunch of the same or incredibly similar synth presets. The level 3 music is especially good.


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