The Simpsons (Pinball)

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            Series : The Simpsons
         Developer : Data East
      Release Info : Visual Pinball
       Emulated in : Visual Pinball (2000 Win) 

not completed.
🍒 Photo from Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas 2024


Scores - Visual Pinball:
 4715370 .........  on 2024-03-04

Other scores:
 1435850 .........  on 2024-02-17

Log entries

  • I was in Las Vegas for the DICE awards, and Erwin and I took a trip to the 'Pinball Hall of Fame', a wonderful place for anyone who likes old pinball machines and arcade games. I spent $20 in a couple of hours playing as many machines as I possibly could.

  • Got the score 1435850.

    This table was so cool for a huge Simpsons fan like me. Great colors, many details, and voice samples from the series.

  • 2024-02-20
  • I tried installing both Visual Pinball and Future Pinball to play this table, but I had a lot of trouble with Visual Pinball, including displaying the table properly.

  • 2024-03-04
  • Got the score 4715370 in Visual Pinball.

    Visual Pinball runs perfectly in 1080p on my ZenBook. I recorded some gameplay using the Elgato.

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