Helldivers 2 (Windows)

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Image source: CrescenDollsFC187 at Steam

Log entries

  • Malu and I were discussing how to play this game in coop. The game doesn't have a split-screen mode, and it only runs on PS5. We only have one of those, so I needed an other option. I ended up buying it on Steam, which I already know should work with cross-play. The first time you start the game, you are forced to sign in to a PlayStation account. Signing in to my own PS account was scary, what if the game didn't support cross-play with yourself? The first couple of times we tried joining each other it didn't work, but eventually, it did, and we can play together, two syltefars against the universe.

  • 2024-04-20
  • Today we were playing on the couch with my laptop as screen, doing remote play with my workstation. I kept the joypad connected to the workstation for minimal latency (inspired by Stadia).

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