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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Log entries

  • 1769 
    Borrowed game from Erik, interested in trying it out...
  • 1770 
    Patrick Stewart! YAY!
  • 1771 
    Lesser Lycanthropes and a Great Warg. I like this already. Except for the frame rate.
  • 1772 
    Lush dark fantasy graphics, decent combat with a solid block mechanic, a book that lists all encountered monsters with beautiful drawings and some backstory... Good stuff.
  • 1773 
    In a surprise casting choice, Robert Carlyle portrays a tense scottish Gabriel Belmont.
  • 1774 
    Similarly to how I solved the annoying puzzles in Onimusha 2 puzzle boxes, I did a quick brute force on the Castlevania rotation puzzle, using the hint that only one-way rotation should be needed:
    # Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Pan's Temple puzzle solver by schmid 2012-05-24
    moves = [ [-1,+1,-1,"middle RT"], [+1,-1,0,"inner RT"], [0,-1,+1,"outer RT"] ]
    def apply(move, puzzle)
        (0..2).each do |n| puzzle[n] = (puzzle[n] + move[n]) % 4 end
    random =
    100000.times do
        puzzle = [1,1,1] # start position (0 is north, 1 is east, etc.)
        move_list = []
        (1..5).each do |m| # shortest solution is 5 moves
    	move = moves[ random.rand(0...moves.length) ]
    	apply(move, puzzle) ; move_list += [ move ]
    	if puzzle == [2,2,2] then # solution is all south
    	    puts "solution:" ; move_list.each { |move| puts move[3] }
    Solution: outer RT x 2, middle RT, inner RT x 2
  • 1775 
    Patrick Stewart to the rescue! After a very Shadow of the Colossus-esque boss fight, I completed Chapter I/XII.
  • 1776 
    EUW! Ginormous spider!
  • 2012-06-27
  • 1787 
    Completed part 2/9 of Chapter II. This game is H.U.G.E.
  • 2012-06-30
  • 1797 
    I dislike the stylistic choice of simulating a handheld camera for a fantasy game. Fantasy should not call attention there being a camera. Cameras don't exist in fantasy.
  • 2012-07-01
  • 1798 
    Defeated the mighty Stone Idol Titan, another boss fight ripped directly from Shadow of the Colossus. I don't mind, though, it's still pretty cool.
  • 1799 
    Completed Chapter II/XII. Oh no! Gabriel has absolutely no luck when it comes to women.
  • 1801 
    I just found a Brotherhood Knight Scroll, stating that 'The Cake is not a lie.' What the...?
  • 1802 
    Got stuck with a missing lever ... I restarted from the last checkpoint and the lever was there again.
  • 1803 
    Completed Chapter III/XII. The Dark Lord of the Lycans was a worthy opponent, a very tricky boss fight. I went back, completed a couple of old levels to get a dagger upgrade, which helped a lot (turns out werewolves don't like silver daggers - who knew? :) and the Dark Crystal horrible demon magic finished him off.
  • 1804 
    Awesome Ogre fight ... reminds me of the end of Shadow of the Beast - the way it should have been :).
  • 1805 
    'You cannot carry any more Faries' is one of the weirder sentences I have encountered in a game.
  • 1806 
    Chupacabra? Heh ... kinda cute. Wait - where did my stuff go? Why, you little!!
  • 1807 
    Completed Chapter IV/XII. Die, Crow Witch.
  • 2012-07-05
  • 1816 
    Completed Chapter V/XII.
  • 1817 
    Insert Disc 2. :)
  • 2012-07-06
  • 1818 
    Hooray! I won the awful chess-like board game against a vampire girl.
  • 1819 
    Another butcher demon? That seems to have become somewhat of a trope.
  • 1820 
    Completed Chapter VI/XII.
  • 1821 
    Completed Chapter VII/XII. Horribly boring chapter with complex, yet mindless puzzles and uninteresting fights.
  • 1822 
    Completed Chapter VIII/XII.
  • 1823 
    After gaining the double jump ability from magic wings, Kratos ... I mean Gabriel must now travel to Hades ... I mean Hell to redeem himself. Good thing they switched the crowd control and single target buttons from that other game when they copied every single combat mechanic from it...
  • 1826 
    Completed Chapter IX/XII. I enjoyed the Scarecrow stuff, reminding me a bit of Medievil. The Music Box, however, was a bit boring and poorly made.
  • 1827 
    Yay, poorly checkpointed 3D platforming - my favourite. Damn it.
  • 1832 
    Completed Chapter X/XII.
  • 2012-07-07
  • 1833 
    Completed Chapter XI/XII. Although the Dracolich boss fight is lifted directly from Shadow of the Colossus, this one was so incredibly cool looking, that it was utterly memorable by itself.
  • 1834 
    Last chapter is named Final Fight. I hope that Mike Haggar shows up.
  • 1835 
    Final boss - it doesn't get much bigger than that. :)
  • 1836 
    Completed the game on Warrior (2/4) difficulty.

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