Dungeon Hack (DOS)

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Dungeon Hack is a first person Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Role Playing Game with randomly generated dungeons in the Forgotten Realms setting. It is based on the Eye of the Beholder engine.
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Log entries

  • [2976]
    After playing a few old school roguelikes lately, I remembered all the cool-looking RPGs of the early 90s that I never understood how to play, and wanted to try some of them. Dungeon Hack is a close equivalent to the roguelikes, but with a typical first person 90s RPG perspective.
  • [2977]
    I have created a fighter/mage elf character, Cheator, with all the stats set to max. Seems like you shouldn't be able to do that...
  • [2978]
    Dammit, Cheator died...
  • [2980]
    Yes! Found the first stairs down with my dwarf fighter guy... But now the game wants me to enter a word from the manual.
  • [2981]
    Found it. Let's see what dungeon level 2 is like...
  • [2982]
    Hmm... seems like lower armor class is better. Wikipedia says that Dungeon Hack is based on AD&D 2nd Edition.
  • [2983]
    I reached dungeon level 3 with my dwarf dude. The game is OK, but it gets a bit boring after a while.
  • 2020-09-20
  • [11163]
    I was playing around with the ao486 MiSTer core and got this running correctly. I'm figuring out how to manage game installations, I think for now I'm going to have a boot VHD that I can tinker with to get the optimal game environment, and a game VHD that has all the games installed, and possibly the installers as well.
  • 2020-09-26
  • [11174]
    After some thinking, I ended up making a standalone VHD for Dungeon Hack, more like an Amiga disk game or a cartridge. I created a super-strong Dwarven fighter, Dworf, and failed miserably on the first level (Moderate difficulty), because I forgot to keep an eye on my HP.
  • [11175]
    I started a new game with a preset character, Neysea Snowwolf, a fighter. She died on level 1 to a Troglodyte, a reptilian humanoid that weakens you. Avoid at all cost.
  • [11176]
    The next game I started with Neumas Moltengale, the Mage. After spending a little time figuring out how to use spells and resting all the time (which is a bit annoying), I was doing quite well, and ended up dying on the second level to a Ghoul due to a lack of food. The game I have is not cracked, so I had to find the real manual online to look up a word for the piracy protection.
  • 2020-09-27
  • [11181]
    I played another game with the preset character Aventgar Pureblade, a very strong paladin. I learned that the weakening that the Troglodytes incur is temporary, although it lasts for a long time. I ended up dying on level 2 from running out of food.


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