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Pinball Arcade


Scores - Attack from Mars:
 21911938380 .....  on 2014-02-16
 17170335310 .....  on 2014-02-16

Scores - Theatre of Magic:
 1434343250 ......  on 2014-03-26

Scores - Harley-Davidson:
 201007600 .......  on 2014-02-16

Scores - Medieval Madness:
 96776420 ........  on 2014-03-25

Scores - Scared Stiff:
 87309120 ........  on 2014-02-16

Scores - Tales of the Arabian Nights:
 16444630 ........  on 2013-12-19

Scores - Black Hole:
 3352630 .........  on 2014-02-16
 1939760 .........  on 2014-02-16
 1136870 .........  on 2014-02-16

Scores - Black Knight:
 1364950 .........  on 2014-02-16

Scores - Gorgar:
 477370 ..........  on 2014-03-02

Scores - Big Shot:
 152050 ..........  on 2014-02-19
 130020 ..........  on 2014-02-16

Log entries

  • Got the score 16444630 in Tales of the Arabian Nights. The pinball fight is ON! Pinball Arcade and Zen Pinball 2 both came out today, both the clients were free, both had one free table, in this one it was Arabian Nights.
  • 2014-02-15
  • In a weak moment, I bought all the Season One tables for 230 DKK. Not cheap, but still reasonable for 22 carefully emulated tables.
  • 2014-02-16
  • Got the score 17170335310 in Attack from Mars. Man, Attack from Mars is fun the first time you play it. It was made in 1995, and seems typical for the 90s with non-stop sensory overload, tons of modes, mechanical gimmicks such as little jumping green martians and wobbling flying saucers, and insane score inflation. 17 billion points on my first try? Madness.
  • Got the Attack From Mars Master trophy. - Completed all the Standard Goals on Attack From Mars
  • Got the score 130020 in Big Shot. A typical 70s table, Big Shot (1974) is super simple and all mechanical with a soundtrack consisting of the ball rolling around and non-stop bells. The pool metaphor works well for pinball.
  • Got the Big Shot Master trophy.
  • Got the score 201007600 in Harley-Davidson. A 1999 table by Stern, Harley-Davidson is not very charming with its poorly looped music samples and fairly boring graphics.
  • Got the score 1136870 in Black Hole. Broke my previous record on the cool Black Hole table (1981).
  • Got the Black Hole Master trophy.
  • Got the score 87309120 in Scared Stiff. In this non-stop Jackpot fest of a pinball table, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark delivers sexy puns and fun horror movie atmosphere, in that special mix of the 80s and 50s. The table itself is from 1996, and is a whole lot of fun to play, albeit a bit on the easy side.
  • Got the Scared Master trophy.
  • Scared Stiff has the best intro to a multiball mode I have seen: the Monster Multiball. After activating it, everything goes dark, Elvira says 'Uh-oh', and then all hell breaks loose, all lights are blinking, a chaotic sequence of sounds is playing, and the flippers are flipping themselves, as if they were possessed! It is really cool.
  • Got the score 1364950 in Black Knight. Fun 1980 table.
  • Got the Knight Master trophy.
  • Got the Bride Master trophy.
  • Got the score 1939760 in Black Hole.
  • Black Hole multiball with two layers of balls, one in the inverted field, is crazy.
  • Got the score 3352630 in Black Hole.
  • Yes, my Black Hole score is no. 614 in the world (of 29210)!
  • ... and when I way 'The World' I mean all players of Pinball Arcade on all platforms, because the leaderboards are universal. Also, they are available online. Pretty cool stuff, Fardight Studios!
  • Completed the game (Black Hole). Completed all Standard and Wizard Goals.
  • Got the score 21911938380 in Attack from Mars.
  • Haha, my score on Attack from Mars was too big for my database, so it just clamped to 2147483647. Apparently, that was the max value for a mySQL INT. Now I've changed it to BIGINT, we can get some really crazy scores in this table. :)
  • 2014-02-19
  • Got the score 152050 in Big Shot.
  • 2014-03-02
  • Got the score 477370 in Gorgar.
  • 2014-03-25
  • Got the score 96776420 in Medieval Madness. I plugged my PS4 into my new Benq monitor - I haven't seen the full 1080 resolution before now. Looks sharp.
  • 2014-03-26
  • Got the score 1434343250 in Theatre of Magic.
  • 2018-05-23
  • This is ridiculous. I bought two (very expensive) season passes because I learned that the Williams tables won't be available soon, but buying the season passes does nothing in the game. I have to manually find each table on the bad PlayStation Store website and download it. The Season pass page does not have links for the individual tables, there are 230 DLC packs to browse through, and some of them are misspelled in the season pass description.

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