Eye of the Beholder (DOS)

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It must have been around here that Dworf got poisoned

Technical Notes

  • [4394]
    To get a nice big DosBox window on Windows, I using the settings:
    windowresolution=1280x800 # 320x200 * 4

Log entries

  • [4385]
    I've been thinking about Eye of the Beholder for a while. As a kid, trying to play the sequel on the Amiga was impenetrable, but now I understand how this game can be played for a RPG amateur such as myself. I created a party: a Human Fighter who goes by the name Fightor, a Dwarf Fighter called Dworf, an Elven Mage named Incineron, and a Gnome Cleric, Priesty. They were all modified to have maximum stats. Cheating much? Yes.
  • [4386]
    I completed level 1/12 without any problems, but level 2 was a nightmarish labyrinth of fake walls, moving rooms, and pointless attacks by underwhelming Skeletons. When I finally figured out the moving room and the teleporter, I managed to get out of there.
  • 2014-08-24
  • [4387]
    Level 3 was not much better than level 2, the game has these tiles that turn you around. You have to watch your compass to notice it, because all of the dungeon walls look exactly the same. So if you weren't lost already, getting turned around really messes with your head. I don't like that.
  • [4388]
    That was scary. Dworf got poisoned by a Giant Spider on level 4. Priesty cast a Slow Poison spell on him, and I hoped that the poisoning would go away in time. It did not. Eventually, I reached level 6, and Dworf and Fightor was both really low on HP. I was out of healing spells and I couldn't rest to regain them. Using a map, I found 4 Cure Poison potions on level 4. I gathered all my navigation skills and made a run for level 4, where I found the potions in good time to cure the pure Dworf. Now my party can rest again. Phew.
  • [4389]
    I've reached level 6/12, and is almost halfway through the game.
  • [4390]
    I have now encountered Kobolds, Giant Leeches, Skeletons, Zombies, Kuo-Toas (frog-like humanoids), Flinds (a type of Gnoll), Giant Spiders, and Kenku (Bird-men).
  • [4392]
    Shortly after entering level 6, I met a Dark-robed Figure. After he gave a short speech, to which I was barely paying attention, he promptly attacked my party. I didn't think much of it, until my four heroes all were reduced to skulls except for a useless dwarf that was tagging along. Dohrum the bow-wielding moron was the sad remainder of my party, and after he had fired his limitied supply of arrows at the monstrous warlock, he, as a last resort, picked up a single arrow from the ground and fired it. The arrow hit its mark, and the Dark-robed Figure died. Now I have a party of one useless, if extremely lucky, Dwarven archer. Time to reload.
  • 2014-08-26
  • [4399]
    Oohh... A Mace +3.
  • [4400]
    This time, I killed the Dark-robed Figure and finished level 6. On to level 7 and ... Drow. Filthy white-haired elven scum.
  • [4401]
    Oh, they are not so bad. They just need a taste of my newly acquired Long Swords.
  • 2014-08-27
  • [4402]
    Skeletal Lords? I murder them.
  • [4403]
    Driders? Spider-centaurs? Gross.
  • [4404]
    Completed 7/12 levels.
  • [4405]
    I am on level 10, killing Mantis Warriors, and freed the Dwarven Prince.
  • [4406]
    Completed level 10/12.
  • [4407]
    By the way, the first time I encountered a Rust Monster I was horrified; all my earlier encounters with these unholy equipment-destroying abominations in Rogue had resulted in my game going straight to hell. Also, I hadn't seen them represented as anything but an R. Revolted by their disgusting appearance in this game, I used my Wand of Cone of Cold and killed all of the critters on sight. Equipment destruction is not as bad in EOB, as I seem to get more equipment than I can use, but I felt it was still better to be on the safe side. Awful creatures.
  • [4410]
    Oh no, a Mind Flayer!
  • [4411]
    I got him!
  • [4412]
    Completed level 11. That rotating center room with the wall-removing buttons was a bit confusing, but I get it now. And now I'm putting the Stone Orb into the Stargate.
  • [4413]
    Argh, a Beholder.
  • [4414]
    And I'm dead.
  • 2014-08-28
  • [4415]
    OK, new strategy: I need the Wand of Silvias to defeat the Beholder. The Dwarves will give the wand to me if I deliver Keirgar and a Dwarven Healing Potion to them. Keirgar is in my party and I have the potion. Now, the only tricky part is getting back to the Dwarves. I figured out that I can use the two adjacent three-button rooms in level 12 to open a door to the entrance area, from there open a portal, and then hopefully find my way back to level 5 and the Dwarves.
  • [4416]
    And now: sleep.
  • [4425]
    After a lot of searching and fiddling with buttons on level 12, I found a slightly older savegame from level 11. I was then able to use a map to find a secret door in a room om level 11 (the 'Chwat' room), where I found a Stone Holy Symbol, which allowed me to use a portal to travel back to the portal room on level 7. From there I could go to level 4, and then I should be able to go up to level 5.
  • [4426]
    I managed to find the Dwarves and deliver their prince. And now I have the Wand of Slivias.
  • [4427]
    Back on level 12, now with Wand. I'm gonna poke that Beholder dude in the eyes with it.
  • [4428]
    Completed the game. Yes! I defeated Xanathar, the evil Beholder, by pushing him into spikes. Here's a tip for you, Eye-dude: AVOID SPIKES.
  • [4429]
    And then, two pages of text, and for the grand finale.... Exit to DOS.


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