Command & Conquer (DOS)

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  • [12574]
    This game has control groups, using the normal Ctrl+1-9 keys.

Log entries

  • [12567]
    Whoa, this installer is really elaborate. Never has selecting SoundBlaster 16 been so entertaining.
  • [12568]
    The music is way funkier than I expected.
  • [12569]
    A high score list entry!
  • [12570]
    Using Engineers to take over buildings is great! What a sneaky way to win.
  • [12571]
    The first large mission was incredibly annoying. I was searching a large map for some boxes with APCs and footsoldiers, and ended up getting destroyed by a tank. I aborted to main menu without having saved, and then learned that the game doesn't save campaign progress at all. So if I want to continue, I have to play the campaign from the beginning.
  • [12572]
    The mouse buttons work differently in this game than most RTSes that came after it. After having played the Blizzard RTS games and games derived from it, this is really hard to get used to.
  • [12573]
    This game runs at 320x200, but I think it would normally be stretched to fit a 4:3 monitor. I had trouble getting DOSBox to do that, and ended up using the DOSBox fork 'DOSBox Staging', which worked without much configuration.


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