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Elite: Dangerous

Log entries

  • [4409]
    It turned out that Dino had Kickstarted Elite and had beta access. After some tricky installation, the game was running with the newest Oculus Rift. It was a very unique and engaging experience to play. The first flyby of an asteroid and the first landing in a space station was unlike anything I have ever tried, and dogfighting with another space ship with full view around you was also very cool. However, I definitely want to play Elite on my television with a controller. The resolution and the head tracking of the Oculus is still not comparable to the experience you get on a normal TV. Still, it's great to have tried what VR can be in 2014.
  • 2015-01-17
  • [4999]
    I just bought this for 50 EUR. Can't wait to try it.
  • [5001]
    I'm traveling to Yakabugai with some data using my Frameshift Drive.
  • [5003]
    I got attacked during a frameshift jump between Yakabugai and Potriti, and it was a very frightening experience. I managed to escape with only moderate damage.
  • 2015-01-19
  • [5010]
    Playing at the office, I showed Elite to Martin F and Mikkel G, and during my cool demo of the basic mechanics, I boosted directly into a space station and killed myself. It seems I lost my ship but retained my money. Or something like that.
  • 2015-01-21
  • [5012]
    Just watched a ship accelerate and then disappear into thin air right in front of me. Very cool.
  • 2015-01-23
  • [5015]
    I successfully transported a load of Polymers and Semiconductors from Kadenyuk Orbital to Chamunda and made about 500 CR doing it. Now I only need 379,218 more, and I can buy a sweet Cobra MK III.
  • 2015-06-17
  • [5472]
    Updated E:D, jumped, flew around a bit, did a close run of a space station. I still enjoy the basic action of flying around and looking at stuff.
  • 2015-07-13
  • [5547]
    After taking on a lot of shady Bulletin Board missions involving illegal substances and slave transport, and narrowly escaping the law, I now have 400,000 CR and can afford a Cobra MK III.
  • [5548]
    The Cobra is *dope*. I also bought a Shield Booster, to protect my investment. Let's take the old girl out for a spin...
  • 2015-07-14
  • [5549]
    I bought a big cannon. Let's see if I can murder someone with it.
  • [5550]
    Oh no! I intercepted a dude with a bounty on his head, and was promptly murdered. He had an Anaconda. When restarting, I bought my ship and loadout back, and now I am in debt. But all that matters is that I still have my sweet Cobra MK III.
  • 2015-07-18
  • [5555]
    I demonstrated Elite to Thomas J by flying around a bit and then helped some police ships shoot down an attacking ship, which landed me a reward.
  • 2015-08-04
  • [5673]
    Downloaded and tested out the game at work, preparing for playing it with the guys on thursday. With Martin F looking on, I started a journey towards the good old Sol system. Along the way, I went to a planet with a disc around it. I managed to carefully navigate between the asteroids, only to be attacked by a band of pirate scum, which I barely escaped from. The whole thing was pretty cool.
  • 2015-10-11
  • [5908]
    Joakim was very interested in this, so I booted it up and jumped a bit further into the seedier parts of the galaxy, slowly inching my way closer to earth. Johanne tried the combat training, which she quickly got the hang of.
  • 2016-02-14
  • [6254]
    I tried hooking up with Thomas in Elite. We joined the same Wing, which seems necessary to always be in the same server instance, and tried doing some missions together. We both had trouble figuring out how the missions actually work.
  • 2016-10-13
  • [7045]
    For comparison with No Man's Sky, I put on Elite and jumped between systems with Martin and Andreas watching. Nothing exciting happened.


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