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  • 8498
    I bought the 'Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition', which should include the 'Horizons' expansion and some other minor stuff. The bundle was 148 DKK, I look forward to being able to visit planets.
  • 8500
    Although I am very tired, I managed to complete a few training missions and do my first frame shift jump. I started on a planet! This does indeed include the 'Horizons' expansion.
  • 2020-01-19
  • 10328
    Elite runs great on my PS4 Pro. I haven't played this in a while, so I'm struggling a lot with the controls. I flew through a planetary ring, flew towards a gas giant without ever getting close, landed on a planet (after gently crashing into it), approached a 'reformatory' (prison ship?), before I was attacked and destroyed by some unknown space pirate. Malu thought the whole game looked a bit like a loading screen. :D


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