Elite (Amiga)

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Original release year: 1984
            Series : Elite
         Developer : David Braben, Ian Bell
             Music : Johann Strauss II, Wally Beben
             Genre : Space simulator
          Graphics : Flat Shading
        Other Tags : Open World

not completed.
A game ahead of its time, Elite was a completely open-ended space sim, with combat, trading, missions, and space exploration.

Log entries

  • [3059]
    I embarked on many a star trek with Commander Jameson, mostly coming to untimely Thargoid-related deaths.
  • 2013-12-10
  • [3248]
    After trying Virus, I longed to play another David Braben game. It was just a quick test run, but I managed to fly slowly past another spaceship and see it through the right side window, something I never managed to do when I was a kid. I also docked in a space station, but not without a few scratches on the hull. :)


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