Space Harrier (Arcade)

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A graphically impressive sprite-based 3D shooter, designed by Yu Suzuki, who directed many of Sega's 3D arcade games, such as Afterburner, Out Run, Hang-On, and Virtua Fighter. Catchy soundtrack by Hiroshi Kawaguchi, who I know from the soundtracks of Afterburner and Bayonetta.

Space Harrier

Log entries

  • 4641 
    It seemed weird that I never played Space Harrier, so I'm trying it for the first time. *Man*, that graphics is crazy. The color choices are so odd, it's purple, pink, cyan, none of it really goes well together and the sprite scaling makes everything look insane. But there is definitely something about the super smooth frame rate, the checkerboard floor, and the wacky sprite designs that makes Space Harrier look interesting.
  • 4642 
    The dragons in Space Harrier may be one of the earliest examples of using many round sprites to form a long snake-like object, later used to great effect in R-Type's Dobkeratops and many of the Chuck Rock II bosses.
  • 4643 
    Man, the first time the checkerboard ceiling came down... Pretty amazing effect.
  • 4644 
    Why is there a purple dude with two hovering dogs?
  • 4645 
    Completed the game using 14 continues. Yes, victory smooth jazz! And now I have 24 million points. That's a lot of points.

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