Metroid (NES)

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Passwords / Cheat Codes

  • 11301 
    Password: 0N0000 000000 0K1Qu4 0000Jc
  • 11302 
    Password: 00Fu00 00G000 082e0t 0u00qk
  • 12263 
    After defeating Kraid and Ridley:
    A7lF-- --mO00 2Z?-DO Y000dy
    This font is terrible for readable codes; the O's have dots in them, the lowercase letters vary randomly in size and vertical offset, and are styled as italics.


  • 12261 
    You can have either Ice Beam or Wave Beam. If you pick up one, the other one is replaced, and respawns where you picked it up.
  • 12262 
    You can have max 6 Energy Tanks. Picking up more than that just refills energy.


  • 12268 
    After playing for a few hours, it's quite clear that the game consists of rooms, often repeated many times to create the large open world. It becomes quite clear when you recognize a room that had a secret exit to another room, and when finding the same room again, the secret exit leads nowhere.


  • 12281 

Log entries

  • 4862 
    My first game of Metroid, I went left and got the Morph Ball upgrade, and then went right and died. This game is going to require some patience. But there is something extremely cool about it, and I can't wait to play it some more.
  • 4863 
    I just threw out a whole stack of dirty Q-Tips. Those are some dirty, dirty NES games.
  • 2015-09-28
  • 5860 
    Started my first serious game of Metroid. I got an Energy Tank, 5 Missiles, and the Long Beam. Password: 0N0000 000000 0K1Qu4 0000Jc.
  • 2016-08-14
  • 6843 
    Even though this game has infinite continues, starting at 30 energy is a really harsh punishment.
  • 6844 
    Two weird alien statues? What's up with those guys?
  • 6845 
    00Fu00 00G000 082e0t 0u00qk
  • 2021-09-19
  • 12259 
    Inspired by Nextlander playing Metroid, I got my dear girlfriend to print out some maps, and started playing this from the beginning on MiSTer. I've never gotten so far as I have now, and I'm enjoying myself a lot. Playing with a map is highly recommended: first I make a plan for getting the next couple of power-up's, then actually getting there is the challenge. I feels more like playing a modern metroidvania that way. The few times I had to 'farm' for health pickups was mindnumblingly boring, that's my least favouorite part of this game.
  • 12260 
    I now have:
    • Ball
    • Bombs
    • Long Beam
    • High Jump
    • Screw Attack
    • Ice Beam, now replaced by Wave Beam
    • 5/6 Energy Tanks
    • at least 10 missile upgrades
  • 12264 
    I got the Varia Suit, which halves all damage, and killed first Kraid by tanking him and shooting him with a lot of missiles, then Ridley, by carefully jumping over the weird bouncy balls and shooting a bunch of missiles. Low on health, I died on my way back. But now I should be just about ready for Mother Brain.
  • 2021-09-20
  • 12266 
    I've been using the excellent Metroid World Map by fjl05 and for noting which items I got, the simple Metroid - World Map by x_loto.
  • 2021-09-22
  • 12269 
    I continued from Ridley's Lair, and went back to Norfair and immediately died. This teleported me to the entrance of Norfair, which was exactly where I needed to go to get back to Brinstar, the starting area. I then spent 5 minutes shooting an enemy spawning from a pipe to fill two energy tanks. I retrieved the Ice Beam again, replacing my Wave Beam. The two statues of Kraid and Ridley that blocked my path to Tourian raised up and allowed me to enter.
  • 12270 
    There are actual Metroids here! They are big and awesome looking and try to eat me. They are no match for the Ice Beam, though, and die from a few missiles and leave nice powerful pickups behind.
  • 12271 
    I died in the final area. Now I'm back to 30 ENERGY and 133 missiles.
  • 12272 
    It took me 16 minutes and 30 seconds to get all my ENERGY back while listening to the Nextlander podcast. This part of the game is ridiculous. I created a save state on my MiSTer to avoid ever having to do that again.
  • 12273 
    First Mother Brain attempt: fell into the lava in front of Mother Brain and died.
  • 12274 
    Loading save state.
  • 12275 
    Second Mother Brain attempt: was hit by the round things that spawn right before Mother Brain.
  • 12276 
    Third Mother Brain attempt: Fell into the lava again, tried to get up, but hit the shell of Mother Brain, and fell back into the lava.
  • 12277 
    Fourth Mother Brain attempt: Actually died by hitting the shell.
  • 12278 
    Fifth Mother Brain attempt: Got hit by those circle things again.
  • 12279 
    Sixth Mother Brain attempt: Fell into the lava, froze some of the circles above me, and couldn't get up. Angrily cancelled the attempt by loading the save state.
  • 12280 
    Seventh Mother Brain attempt: Success!!
  • 12282 
    Completed the game. I did it! I got the 'helmet off' ending.

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