Day of the Tentacle (DOS)

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Day of the Tentacle

Log entries

  • [5131]
    I've been playing the DOS version of DotT on ScummVM on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Point and click-adventures are a perfekt fit for a smart phone interface, as input precision is not terribly important. ScummVM save games are cross-compatible, so I'm able to continue playing on another device. The game is well written and fun, but I've gotten stuck two times where I had to consult a FAQ: the George Washington cherry tree thing, and Hoagie being able to put people to sleep with reading from the text book. Also, I got some hints/spoilers from Søren at work.
  • 2015-03-04
  • [5138]
    completed the game. ScummVM is the perfect thing to play on my phone. Tentacle is a fun game.


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