Driveclub: PlayStation Plus Edition

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Now, this is some good looking wet road

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  • 5533
    I've played a few tournament races and a single online race. I had to get used to the feeling of the cars, but it doesn't feel bad. And the game looks pretty great.
  • 5534
    This game is not easy for sucky drivers such as myself. The Ferrari challenge race in India specifically is breaking me. I've played for hours today and not won that one race yet.
  • 5535
    Wet roads and cars have never been rendered so well. I'm also enjoying the soundtrack by Hybrid, even though it's getting a bit tedious after many races. I wish you could select a track, I need to hear the Noisia and Photek remixes again...
  • 2017-02-24
  • 7523
    I went to the PD office to play some more RE7 with Mikkel and Tuki. There was a PlayStation VR kit hooked up to the PS4, and I tried a 3-lap Driveclub race in VR. It was fun and I didn't get carsick (which I do in real life cars). I had to try driving with my head sticking through the roof as well. I had to try it. The game even has a third person mode, which wasn't as crazy as a I thought, in fact it was very playable. I ended up preferring being in the cockpit, and won the race.