Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (WiiU)

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Log entries

  • [6881]
    This feels a bit like a lost Amiga game from around 1994. The pixel art looks neat, but the level design is a bit uninspired, which was common to a lot of Amiga games from that era. The music is a lot of high-powered funky house, which could have been done by an Amiga composer like Martin Iveson.
  • [6882]
    Amiga-like graphics was not completely off, one of the artists is Henk Nieborg, who did graphics for Amiga games such as Lionheart, Amberstar, and Psygnosis franchises Flink and Lomax. The music, however, is by none other than Jake Kaufman, which I couldn't have guessed.
  • [6883]
    The game gets a bit tedious after a while.


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