Double Dragon Neon (Xbox 360)

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  • I was a bit interested in this back in 2012, and I think I even played the demo, but I never got around to it before now, when it was free on Xbox Game Pass. It's an OK brawler, with the duck-and-counter mechanic being particularly fun. The enemies have a lot of invincibility frames during certain animations without any clear indication, which can be frustrating, and some of the bosses can be confusing and annoying (the big tank and helicopter comes to mind), but it's otherwise pretty enjoyable.
  • The music for mission 8 is fantastic, unapologetic synth jazz fusion.
  • Completed the game. The last boss fight against Skullmageddon was difficult, but not unfair. I had to learn his patterns and dodge his moves, and find the right openings. And when Skullmageddon fell to his death, he sang a little song about the game. How very 2012 of him. :)

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