River City Girls (Xbox One)

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Log entries

  • This is a nice isometric brawler with satisfying and detailed combat, great animation, and the level up system known from its 1989 predecessor River City Ransom.
  • I love how Misako and Kyoko are clearly just horrible bullies that love to beat up everyone and steal their lunch money. The loading screen is them alternating punching each other in the face. :D
  • 2021-01-07
  • Completed the game (Co-op). Malu and I completed the game. I'm conflicted about this game. It has a charming and coherent style, both in the manga cut-scenes and during the game, and as a rarity in an action game, it has characters whose personality actually fit the actions that happens during gameplay. The combat is satisfying, although the melee weapons feel a bit simplistic compared to the hand-to-hand combat. However, while you are performing the somewhat uninteresting quests that the game provides, inconsistencies in how the map works gets frustrating as you enter areas due to misreading the map, and while you're scrambling to find the correct way, you get attacked by the violent citizens of River City. The level up system is fun but obscure: you have a lot of stats, and it's not clear what most of them do, and as I understand it, you level up stats by eating foods you haven't eaten before, but the game doesn't show which foods you have already eaten when you are playing in co-op mode. A lot of the equipment has very subtle effects such as doing slightly more damage to a certain enemy type. All in all, although the basic gameplay is pretty solid, there are a lot of drawbacks to River City Girls.

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