Darksiders (Xbox 360)

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            Series : Darksiders
         Developer : Vigil Games
             Genre : Action adventure
            Themes : Hell
      Release Info : Xbox One Compatible

      Achievements : trueachievements.com


Log entries

  • [570]
    Got the game in the mail today and started playing it. I'm playing on Apocalyptic difficulty, which forces me to concentrate and learn the combat the right way. The game started out an apocalyptic thrill ride, with non stop action full of impossibly huge demons and angels. I've just defeated a boss called The Jailer, which has to be my favourite moment of the game so far. A huge bloated beast with cages embedded in his flesh. Awesome.
  • [571]
    I've played for 4:30 hours and just defeated Tiamat. What a big ugly bat she was. It seems I'm 1/4th way through the game.
  • 2010-04-12
  • [573]
    Defeated The Griever by making her eat a train wagon, and converted The Stygian into a nice fountain of blood. I had Nabaz as copilot tonight. Sadly, the game has decreased in quality. The Ash Lands are graphically lacking and the level design seem unfinished. This is sad, because I really do enjoy the game. This level saw the introduction of Ruin, the horse of War, which goes great with War's trusty pistol, Mercy. I've also run with The Sentinel, a weapon that I would appreciate in any game: a demonic sticky grenade launcher. How could you ask for anything more?
  • 2010-04-18
  • [574]
    Completed the game on Apocalyptic difficulty.
  • 2010-07-29
  • [662]
    Replayed the game up until beating Tiamat with Bjørn. Noone should need to play that stupid boss fight twice. I ended up using proper cowardly tactics, keeping my distance to the big bat, circling it, and using the Crossblade a lot. It seemed to be just as difficult on Normal as it was for me on Apocalyptic. But then again, I was real tired yesterday night. :)


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