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    After a delicious brunch, Erik, Mikkel G, and I went to Erik's place and played some of the new top-down Darksiders game. We like the graphics and the new perspective a lot, but the combat is a bit uninteresting, and the game just has a few too many problems to feel great. Especially the way the scenery gets in the way of the action at times is frustrating. We beat the first boss, the Slag Demon. Very cool Diablo-like design. Afterwards, we talked to Vulgrim, who is no longer voiced by Mark Hamill, but rather Phil LaMarr (the voice of Samurai Jack, Hermes Conrad from Futurama, 'Vamp' from MGS2, and Kotal Kahn in the MK games), who does a perfect job of emulating The Joker-esque character.


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