Gun-Nac (NES)

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A 1990 Shoot 'em up for the NES by Compile, Gun-Nac is full of murderous robot bunnies firing explosive carrots, giant cat statues, and a bank level where you're attacked by gold coins. The game starts out being very fun and pretty easy, until AREA-7 and 8, where the difficulty ramps up quite a bit. Still, the game has infinite continues, which makes it doable.
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Log entries

  • [8346]
    Carrots are not healthy snack power-ups!
  • [8347]
    I reached the octopus boss of AREA-3 (of 8) and the NES froze, which it does a lot right now. Grrr...
  • [8348]
  • [8349]
    Hmm, there is a area select cheat in the CONFIG.SYS menu. Select Sound Test no. 5 and the area.
  • 2018-12-02
  • [9330]
    I played through AREA 1-5, which were very fun and easy.
  • [9331]
    I completed AREA-6. AREA-7 was pretty tough, and now I'm stuck on AREA-8, which is kind of a boss rush.
  • [9335]
    I've been preferring weapon 3, which homes in on the enemies, but is pretty weak. The letters F, W, B, and T each increase your smart bomb supply with 1, and switches the smart bomb type to one corresponding to the letter. I prefer B 'barrier', a vertical wall, or F 'fireballs', a circle of fireballs.
  • [9336]
    When you lose a life, you continue immediately, but lose your weapons. If you lose all lives, you can continue, starting the level over. The game has infinite continues.
  • [9337]
    Argh, the last boss is super annoying.
  • [9338]
    completed the game on INTERMEDIATE (2/4) difficulty. Yes! After many failed attempts at the last boss, I finally entered the boss fight 5 lives and the W smart bomb, which is probably the best for this boss, and beat it with a life to spare.
  • [9339]
  • [9340]
    A minor critique of this otherwise great game: I don't really like the music that much, I find it a bit annoying.


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