Maze (BBC Micro)

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         Developer : AcornSoft
             Genre : First-person maze game
          Graphics : Double-wide Pixels
                     Fixed Palette

not completed.

Released by Acornsoft for the BBC Micro in 1984, this first-person maze game is surprisingly tense and spooky.
First-person maze games go as far back as Maze War from 1973, where multiple players could traverse a 3D maze in first person and shoot at each other, arguably the first FPS deathmatch game. The first person maze games would evolve into the tile-based first-person RPGs, famous examples being Wizardry (1981) and Dungeon Master (1987), and later games such as Eye of the Beholder (1991).
This game is not an RPG, but a simple shooter. You have 3 bullets, which can be replenished at the pentagrams. Enemies walk around randomly and will shoot at you if they face towards you. The tension in this game comes from the fact that you die from a single shot. This makes the map view especially important, as you have to track the enemies while traversing the maze. The goal of each level is to pick up three coloured tags, deliver them to a box that contains a key, which is used to open the elevator to the next level. Simple but effective.

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Log entries

  • Playing on the Beebem emulator, I played through the first level and was killed on the second level in a brutal hallway shootout.

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