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I always wanted this. From the first time I heard about it, my expectations were unreasonably high. I figured, 'Scratching with a controller like that can be done 1:1 on a console, so it's like Guitar Hero, except it's *real*'. I was a bit dissapointed, when I first tried it at GDC, Köln in 2009. But regardless of the game being slightly more casual that I had hoped, it was still great fun. I have been wanting it since then, but thought to myself that it was too stupid to but 'yet another plastic toy' for myself. So when I got an awesome pack of DJ Hero and DJ Hero 2 for my un-birthday this friday, courtesy of Jeppe, Peter, and Jonas, all guilt was absolved - I got it, it's great, and it's wasn't even my fault!
- Thanks to Jonas Clemen Larsen, Peter Buchardt, and Jeppe Carlsen, for buying me the best plastic toys for my un-birthday. Also, extra special thanks to Bjørn Jacobsen for buying a new disk for me after Jeppe lost it...
DJ Hero

log entries

  • 961
    Played around with DJ Hero for the first time with Jauert. Man, it is hard - especially the scratching is really tricky to nail. But many of the mash-ups are so great that they provide great motivation to keep trying; when you actually succeed, the reward is that the music sounds awesome.
  • 2011-02-27
  • 963
    Played the Guitar Hero tracks with Jauert on the Axe. We were awesome and I got a few 5-stars on Medium. Reasonably fun, but the Guitar Hero stuff is kind of tacked on.
  • 2011-03-01
  • 965
    Continuing to play on Medium, I started to get 5 stars in almost every mix, so I switched to Hard. Hard is great, very challenging and fun. I also tried Expert, where the scratching has to be in time. Definitely the most interesting mode of the game, but it is a bit hard for me right now. My main problem is my left fader hand, which sucks, as I never really practiced crossfading before. But according to the 'Star Chart', I have 259/456 stars.
  • 2011-03-04
  • 970
    Got 395/465 stars on Medium or higher. Played online with Jauert (since nobody else is playing it online), and got a few of the multiplayer achievements.
  • 2011-03-07
  • 975
    The mix 'Monkey Wrench' (Foo Fighters) vs. 'Sabotage' (Beastie Boys) is infuriating. Trying to get 5 stars on Normal, I was repeatedly foiled by this stupid track. It has the most horrible lack-of-normal-rhythm-feel timing, due to the beat being played by a sloppy punk drummer instead of a drum machine or sampler like most of the tracks. In this case, my sense of rhythm was against me, and I had to play by looking at my screen very intensely, and try not to listen too much to the music. This track is what corresponds to 'Raining Blood' by Slayer in Guitar Hero III, which was a truly horrible experience featuring a guitar solo with the most stupid, drunken, random choice of notes and timing, that you of course has to faithfully reproduce like a guitar-playing robot. It sucks.
  • 976
    Got the The Grandmaster! achievement. - Yes! Finally got 5 stars in Scratch Perverts awesome Noisia-mix and thus completed my star collection in this game.
  • 977
    completed the game.
  • 2011-03-08
  • 978
    Noting my carefully adjusted lag settings: Audio lag: 70ms, Video lag: 74ms.
  • 2019-09-08
  • 9987
    Malu wanted to try DJ Hero, so we went to the attic, found the plastic tub, and dug out the necessary hardware. Malu learned quickly, and later in the day, we were playing back-to-back, and got through a big chunk of the game. I also played some guitar parts on my old Guitar Hero III guitar. I was confused that I kept getting achievements for everything (including that annoying 1 point one), and later figured out that I was playing on Arnts account! :D I switched to my own account and got my old savegame with all the stars.


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