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DJ Hero 2

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  • 979
    Installed and used the calibration guide to set my lag settings completely wrong. Copying settings manually from the first DJ Hero instead.
  • 980
    Played a bit of the Empire mode. I have mixed feelings ('mixed' - you get it?) about this game... The mechanics seem better than the first one, the new additions are awesome, including freestyle scratching, samples that fit the tracks, highly visible friend leaderboards (a truly great metagame feature). However, I've recently been mixing tracks by Soulja Boy and Flo Rida ... seriously, what did I do to deserve that? Euw. I feel dirty somehow.
  • 2011-11-16
  • 1337
    Played a few tracks with Bjørn Jacobsen. Hard was obviously too hard, so we switched to Medium.
  • 2012-08-05
  • 1917
    completed the game on Medium (3/5) difficulty (Empire Mode). ... And once again, I'm reminded of DJ Shadow's complete lack of style. I never got how he has become such a big name. Anyway, DJ Hero 2 is a cool game, although the music is generally less appealing than that of the first DJ Hero. And now to watch the longest end credits ever...
  • 1918
    Hmm... That wasn't so bad.


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