Fatal Fury: King of Fighters

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This is the first entry in the Fatal Fury franchise and arguably one of the very first modern character-based fighting games, coming out less than a year after Street Fighter II. You can only select 3 different characters, Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi. Like the first Street Fighter, the controls are weird, you can do quarter circles and charge moves, but the moves don't work if you do them too fast, which feels strange compared to modern fighting games. The 'line' system, though interesting, doesn't work particularly well, and it often turns into a lot of jumping back and forth, ending with a random character being hit by a flying kick. The graphics and sound is great, and fully on par with Street Fighter II.
Fatal Fury: King of Fighters

log entries

  • 1306
    Trying the earliest ancestor to the Fatal Fury series. I feels kind of weird, but being one of the first modern fighting games (being released months after Street Fighter II), it was pretty impressive.
  • 1307
    Grrrr.... That Bily Kane is pissing me off.
  • 1308
    Finally! That guy ate almost all my virtual money!
  • 1309
    Holy cow! It's Geese Howard.
  • 1310
    completed the game with Terry Bogard on 1/8 (very easy) difficulty using 31 continues. Last round against Geese: Perfect - 4 x Burn Knuckle. But man, 31 continues on easiest difficulty... That's pretty harsh.