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Scores - Nethack 4:
 29744 ...........  on 2015-09-12

Other scores:
 13693 ...........  on 2015-08-18
  2708 ...........  on 2015-09-08
  1358 ...........  on 2013-10-21
   743 ...........  on 2013-10-20
   594 ...........  on 2013-10-20
   320 ...........  on 2014-04-14
   265 ...........  with Wizard on 2015-09-06

Scores - Tourist:
 3501 ............  on 2015-09-06
 1996 ............  on 2015-09-06
  116 ............  on 2015-09-05
   76 ............  on 2015-09-05

Log entries

  • [2952]
    Started my first real game of Nethack on the very server that is currently hosting OCDgamer. I currently only know Nethack as 'the one with the dog that uses vi keys'.
  • 2013-10-13
  • [3080]
    Oh no, I wanted to resume my still-running first game of Nethack, but then I drank a potion that turned me blind, and then I was bitten by a Jackal and turned into a Werejackal. Now I'm a blind naked Werejackal in a dungeon. A cruel fate indeed.
  • [3081]
    OK, both the blindness and the werejackal-ness wore off. And now I think I miss roaming around the dungeon with my Jackal buddies...
  • 2013-10-20
  • [3099]
    Got the score 594. My human monk died on level 3
  • [3100]
    New character, died immediately by eating the corpse of the first monster encountered, a Kobold Zombie.
  • [3102]
    Take out what? b - a scroll labeled VE FORBRYDERNE
    This game is weird!!!
  • [3103]
    Got the score 743. My Orc Barbarian roamed the dungeon, killing and eating stuff, and was killed by a Giant Bat while stunned by a Floating Eye.
  • 2013-10-21
  • [3104]
    Salat the Barbarian killed himself ingloriously by bumping into a wall while blind.
  • [3105]
    Flygel the Knight ventured bravely into the depths of the dungeons on his pony. Unfortunately, weak with hunger, he ended up eating the pony.
  • [3106]
    Got the score 1358. ... And then he was bitten by a Rabid Rat on level 6 and died. Fare thee well Flygel the Knight.
  • 2014-04-14
  • [3748]
    After learning that you can identify items by putting them on an altar (even one that is not aligned with your god), I wanted to try Nethack again. I'm playing as a Knight, riding through the dungeons on my pony.
  • [3749]
    Oh no, Acid Blobs can squeeze under closed doors...
  • [3750]
    Got the score 320. Trying to mount my pony after it defeated the Acid Blob, I slipped, fell, and died. Description of my character '[...] you were lucky, you are dead'.
  • [3751]
    Playing as an Orc Barbarian, I eat my first Hobbit. Delicious.
  • [3752]
    You see a cave spider drop out of your pack! Its cries sound like 'daddy?'
  • [3753]
    Hmm... Now I have a pet spider.
  • [3754]
    Also, I entered an armor shop and bought a +2 bronze plate mail and now I'm Armor Class -1. Cool.
  • [3755]
    I was seduced by a Wood Nymph, who then stole my helmet, but I found her and smote her. Smote?
  • [3756]
    Dammit, those Blue Jellys are hard to kill!
  • [3757]
    I was stuck in a room where there were two exits towards the staircase; both exits led to tunnels blocked by Blue Jellys, just sitting there and giving huge amounts of damage each time I tried to attack them. I was extremely low on hitpoints when a Gray Unicorn entered the room and attacked me. I am now stuck in a dark tunnel with a Blue Jelly and can't go outside without certain Unicorn impalement. What to do?
  • [3758]
    I was encumbered, but I dropped some stuff. Cloaks weigh can 10 (pounds?), pretty heavy.
  • [3759]
    I have more or less given up on killing the Blue Jellys. I'll try reading some random scrolls, hoping for a teleport. Knowing Nethack, I'll probably end up dead soon.
  • [3760]
    No wait, I'll try fighting the Gray Unicorn.
  • [3761]
    DAMNITDAMNITDAMNIT!! I killed the Gray Unicorn and a Giant Bat in the room, but then I was Stunned and walked straight into the Blue Jelly, which froze and killed me. I hate Blue Jellys.
  • [3765]
    The travel command ' _ ' is pretty efficient. For example, just type ' _>. ' to fast-travel to the exit.
  • [3766]
    A Kobold Lord threw darts at my Orc Barbarian. Annoyed, I threw some darts back at him. We threw darts at each other, until he died from a dart-related injury. Serves him right, stupid Kobold Lord.
  • [3769]
    It's important to check your equipment once in a while. I had picked up a ring, and wanted to wear it ( W ), but accidentally wielded it ( w ) as a weapon. As it turned out, the ring was no match for a Pony. I also learned that uncursed potions can still be bad, such as potions of sickness and confusion.
  • [3770]
    I think I have entered the Gnomish Mines. Exciting with a new dungeon layout type...
  • [3771]
    And I was killed by a Dwarf in the mines.
  • [3772]
    Identify Scrolls are the only scrolls that cost 20 Zorkmids.
  • 2014-04-15
  • [3773]
    Damn Werejackals and their Pony friends...
  • 2014-04-19
  • [3777]
    Snylre the Wanderer, my level 6 Gnomish Caveman, was killed on dungeon level 5 by at least 11 jackals after exiting the Gnomish Mines.
  • [3778]
    Myldre the level 1 Wizard was killed by his own kitten after putting on a Ring of Conflict.
  • [3780]
    I was trapped by falling rocks in the Gnomish Mines on dungeon level 11. After inspecting my inventory, I found a Wand of Digging and managed to get free.
  • [3779]
    I prayed to Set one time too many and he punished me by removing an experience level. Guess the deities are a limited resource. Shortly after, my Orc Barbarian was killed by an Invisible Stalker. I was carrying a spellbook of identify without knowing. If only I could have identified it. However, Muslingeslambert the Barbarian was pretty successful, he vanquished no less than 144 creatures.
  • 2015-08-11
  • [5698]
    Schmid the Human put on two rings, and then he turned into Schmid the Forest Nymph, then transmuted into Schmid the Forest Centaur. What the hell is going on?
  • [5699]
    And now I met the Oracle of Delphi, who bestowed some weird factoids upon me.
  • 2015-08-12
  • [5700]
    When I returned to human form, I removed my Ring of Polymorph and put on a Cursed Amulet of Strangulation and died.
  • 2015-08-17
  • [5722]
    Eating a tin of spinach is highly recommended. :)
  • 2015-08-18
  • [5723]
    Got the score 13693. I accidentally quit my best game of Nethack in the Gnomish Mines (level 10). Quit doesn't save. Dammit. My Orc Barbarian was ridiculously strong after eating a lot of tins of spinach.
  • 2015-09-05
  • [5784]
    Got the score 76 in Tourist. My newest Nethack thing is trying to playing as the Tourist class and seeing how far I can get. Haven't gotten to dungeon level 2 yet.
  • [5785]
    Got the score 116 in Tourist. A rock fell on my head.
  • [5788]
    Scrolls of Identify can randomly be really powerful, I just identified all my items.
  • [5789]
    On Mac OS X, I created a ~/.nethackrc with my default options:
    OPTIONS=noautopickup, color, dogname:Alfred
  • 2015-09-06
  • [5790]
    Got the score 1996 in Tourist. I had a *great* Tourist run, I was murdering mummys, zombies, kobolds, and jackals with my Dart +2s, and I reached dungeon level 6 - and then I was scratched to death by a kitten.
  • [5791]
    My tourist dude just zapped a Gnome Lord in the mines with his Wand of Lightning, leveling him up. I thought this was a good time to take a screenshot.
  • [5792]
    Got the score 3501 in Tourist. My tourist dude killed 4 Gnome Lords, 18 Gnomes, 6 Dwarves, and 30 other creatures. He met his end in a hole full of Cave Spiders and even more Gnomes in dungeon level 8.
  • [5793]
    Discoveries: I can kick stuff around with Ctrl-D. Spellbooks contain exactly 1 spell. I should also really try to use writing 'Elbereth' on the floor.
  • [5794]
    Got the score 265. First time I played as a Wizard.
  • 2015-09-08
  • [5795]
    I created an Elven Wizard, and he knows the spells of Force Bolt, Protection, and Identify. That seems like an immensely powerful combination.
  • [5796]
    Goddammit! My awesome wizard entered an armor shop, and was attacked by no less than 2 Giant Mimics. I read a scroll of Teleportation to escape the second one with my life intact, but I kind of ate some of the first Mimic, and apparently the shopkeeper thought I ought to pay for the 'meal', so he immediately killed me.
  • [5797]
    Got the score 2708. My poor Elven Wizard.
  • 2015-09-12
  • [5803]
    Got the score 29744 in Nethack 4. Nethack 4 is a fork of classic Nethack based on SDL with many user interface improvements. I've played with the DawnHack tileset, which looks really neat compared to most other graphical tilesets. I reached dungeon level 5 with Samurasmus the Samurai.
  • 2016-12-05
  • [7288]
    I've been playing a game of Nethack 4 on the OCDgamer server for a couple of days, and my Rogue has reached dungeon level 4.
  • [7289]
    ... And then he was bitten to death by an Iguana in dungeon level 5 while confused by a spellbook of Polymorph.
  • [7291]
    A great Tourist run, John knew the Magic Missile spell and stabbed 20 creatures to death with an elven dagger. He fled from a Gnomish King from level 5 to level 4, only to be trapped by a Homunculus and a Jackal.
  • 2016-12-06
  • [7292]
    I streamed 3 Tourist runs to Youtube. The third one went pretty well, until John III was killed by a Dwarf in the Gnomish Mines.


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