Diablo (Windows)

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            Series : Diablo
         Developer : Blizzard North
             Music : Matt Uelmen
            Genres : Action role playing game
          Features : Permanent Level Up
          Graphics : Isometric graphics
            Themes : Hell
             Ports : Diablo (1998 PS)

      Achievements : truesteamachievements.com


Log entries

  • I remember playing a bit of Diablo on the office computer when working at our own sound studio in Aalborg. I definitely reached The Butcher, but I don't think I got much further than that.
  • 2015-05-29
  • Installed Diablo on my laptop and made a Warrior called Fightor.
  • Fightor is now level 5 and is getting into trouble in dungeon level 3.
  • The Butcher is on level 2! And he killed me immediately, just like the good old days :) I need to figure out some alternative way to kill him...
  • 2015-05-30
  • The Butcher is too hard now, I'll come back for that guy later. I found King Leoric's Tomb on level 3.
  • Yep, that's a cow alright. Why does Fightor sound like Duke Nukem?
  • The Warrior class is voiced by Paul Eiding, who was Colonel Roy Campbell in the Metal Gear Solid games.
  • Yes! The Butcher is dead! I now have his Cleaver. This whole thing seems very familiar, I think I have beaten that guy once before... Anyway, this time, I leveled up to 10, grabbed my Large Axe, opened the door to his lair, created a Fire Wall in there, and closed the door again. After he'd been boiling in there a bit, I opened the door and Butchered him. Very ironic.
  • I killed the skeletal King Leoric.
  • I finished levels 1-4/16, The Dungeons. I'm ready for The Catacombs.
  • I have reached the library of Zhar the Mad in level 8. The first time I went up against him, he swiftly killed me.
  • Damn, I just realized that you can drop items in town without losing them, up to 256 of them. Fan-tastic.
  • Hate those Poison Spitters.
  • 2015-06-01
  • Damn, I'm stuck in the final rooms of level 8 with a ridiculous amount of Poison Spitters. Horrible. I wish I had some poison resistance or something.
  • Accomplished Completed the Catacombs. - I did it! I had to do this battle in two stages, Town Portalling back and buying more resources, but in the end I prevailed.
  • Completed level 9/16.
  • 2015-06-08
  • OK Diablo, I cracked open a can of Mountain Dew Game Fuel, and now I'm gonna open up a can of whoop ass on ... Euw, this stuff is pretty gross.
  • I just learned something: repairing items with the warrior class skill reduces the durability of the item, but letting the Blacksmith do it does not. So if you care about your items, don't repair them yourself. I guess that's true in real life as well.
  • Level 10 is horrible! Just awful demons everywhere, murdering me.
  • I got into a really unpleasant situation in level 10, as I ran out of Health and Mana Potions and was unable to Heal or Town Portal out of there. Using my best juking skills, I managed to exit to level 11, where I was swiftly murdered by a bunch of Storm Riders. Reloading my save, I instead dodged and weaved my way back to level 9, from which I could easily get back to town. In the future, always bring plenty of Mana Potions.
  • 2015-06-09
  • Accomplished Completed the Caves. - After completing the Anvil of Fury quest, I got the awesome sword, Griswold's Edge, and I'm now chopping down enemies by the hundreds with little effort. I streamed an hour of this to Twitch for some reason.
  • Another Diablo session, another Mountain Dew Game Fuel! Tonight I'm sure I'll... Euw. This stuff is still pretty bad.
  • 2015-06-10
  • Completed the game with Warrior. The last couple of levels slowly changed from fun RPG combat into a unpleasant war of attrition between the masses of enemies and my resources. I brute forced my way through it using a ridiculous amount of health potions, as I never found a great way to deal with ranged enemies such as Succubi and Mages. Knights were killed in one or two hits, and Diablo himself was fairly easy to deal with, but those ranged enemies made the game pretty unpleasant to play towards the end. Anyway, I did it. It is done.

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