Demon's Souls (PlayStation 3)

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            Series : Souls
         Developer : FromSoftware
             Music : Shunsuke Kida
             Genre : Action role playing game
        Other Tags : Invasion Mode
           Remakes : Demon's Souls (2020 PS5)

Demon's Souls
Fightor after completing the game
Demon's Souls


  • Here are some general tips I figured out so far:
    • Item Burden imposes a hard limit on what you can carry. Items left behind when you go back to the Nexus are lost forever, so never let that happen!
    • Stonefang Tunnels have enemies that deal fire damage and are weak to magic damage. You can block explosions with a shield.
    • Shrine of Storms have enemies that are weak to blunt damage, like clubs or even your fists.
    • Soul Arrow is extremely useful, especially since mana regenerates. At Intelligence level 14, you get 2 spell slots.
    • Converting Demon's Souls to Weapons is done at Blacksmith Ed (2-1) when he receives the Red Hot Demon's Soul from the Flamelurker in 2-2.
    • Upgrade materials can be safely stored with Stockpile Thomas and are still accessible for upgrades at the Blacksmiths.
  • The stage to stop doing basic weapon upgrades is +3. This is where you can select the other branches, and upgrading to basic +4 makes it necessary to revert and start over, wasting upgrade resources.
  • If you go right at the first junction at the Armor Spider Archstone, you can drop directly down to the Flamelurker, skipping most of the level.
  • I just realized what had caused mana regeneration earlier on: The Crescent Falchion +1 regenerates mana when equipped. I should maybe look into finding a Fragrant Ring somewhere. Patches sells one, but it's 60,000 souls, which seems a bit steep. Sparkly the Crow will trade it for my Brass Telescope, and apparently there is one in the 3-2 swamp area. I should try finding that one.
  • I used the Thief's Ring extensively to get through the difficult 4-2 mountain walkway without getting shot by Storm Beasts, followed by a lot of dodging to get past the Reapers and Shadowlurkers. I died a few times to some weird explody lights, and then finally reached the Old Hero, who I defeated on the first try.
  • The Penetrator is murdering me again and again. I should be able to get some help if I rescue Biorr. I think I have some keys, so I should try to go back to the locked doors I encountered earlier.

Log entries

  • Played the early parts of Demon's Souls with Jauert, and we really didn't like it. The souls series really made a horrible first impression.
  • 2015-10-07
  • At 18 EUR, I bought this from just to have it. Maybe I'll try it out at some point, I don't know.
  • 2015-10-16
  • Got it. That's 9 days delivery from to Copenhagen.
  • 2016-03-26
  • I was curious as to how this game feels after having played all the other games in the series. I'm surprised, it actually feels pretty good. There is even some animation and speed that I prefer to Dark Souls. I fought my way through Boletaria Palace 1-1 and easily defeated the Phalanx boss. I got back to the Nexus and leveled up.
  • 2016-11-08
  • I managed to get through the castle walls without being murdered by the dragon and enter the castle, only to be smashed by the Tower Knight. The boss fight reminds me of The One Reborn from Bloodborne, having to take out the surrounding enemies before attack the main guy. But man, that boss run is *brutally* long and annoying.
  • 2016-11-09
  • I found some sweet maps.
  • 2016-11-12
  • I added the value of by Soul Items together and did a few castle wall runs to accumulate 6000 souls, which enabled me to buy a Claymore. My Strength was 19, so I was already very close to the 20 required by this weapon. After killing a few Hoplites, I had enough upgrade materials to get the Claymore to +4. I also dropped most of my armor to get my fast roll animation back. Now, I had the confidence to take on the Tower Knight again. I figured out that I could get through the castle walls without taking the stairs down, only by waiting for the dragon and running. It wasn't really important to optimize the run, though, as I defeated the Tower Knight on my second try. And now I don't know where to go. At least I feel like I got started with Demon's Souls. :)
  • 2016-11-20
  • I'm exploring Stonefang tunnel with my new Claymore (which is way too big for some of the narrow tunnels). The Fat Officials are the male counterparts to the Cathedral Evangelists from Dark Souls III, sinister laugh and all.
  • I killed the Armor Spider. It was hard reaching it, but when I got close, I just wailed on it, double-handing my sword. No problem.
  • 2016-11-21
  • I went back to the Boletarian Palace and found Ostrava. I met up with him again in the tunnels beneath the castle walls.
  • I braved the Shrine of Storms, and having watched Brad Shoemaker get murdered there again and again on Giant Bomb, I actually kind of knew my way around it. I found the secret areas in the early parts and reached the Adjudicator, that big disgusting boss. I almost knew his attacks already, so I was careful with my dodging and attacked the sword in his side, and quickly killed it on my first try. What a difference knowledge about an area makes.
  • My primary physical attack stat is Strength, so I should start looking into some Greystone and modify my Claymore to a Crushing Claymore.
  • I went back into the Stonefang Tunnels with the Crescent Falchion I found in the Shrine of Storms. The enemies in world 2 are generally very weak to magic damage, and this weapon makes it much easier. I also bought the Soul Arrow spell from Freke's Apprentice and the Heal miracle from the Disciple of God, both located in the Nexus. Soul Arrow is extremely useful, for example for oneshotting Rock Worms by hitting them in the head, and taking out Flying Bearbugs, which seem to be giant Water Bears, only they seem to enjoy molten lava more than water.
  • 2016-11-22
  • Hmm... I apparently met Patches without noticing. He was the guy waving at me with a Large Bearbug hanging over him. I went up to the side of the Bearbug and murdered it and ran away before it exploded. Patches was confused, and I went on my way.
  • I'm having a classic Souls moment with the Flamelurker. It has killed me more than a few times now, am I'm getting annoyed and have spent too many of my resources. Maybe I should take a break from that guy.
  • 2016-11-27
  • I'm back from Fjerritslev, and after watching Brad Shoemaker play some more of this game, It'll be great to jump back in. I'm saving the Flamelurker for now.
  • I have started inching my way through the Valley of Defilement. It reminds me a lot of The Gutter from Dark Souls 2.
  • I got through the Valley of Defilement and defeated the Leechmonger on my first try, due to being extremely careful during the first part, and extremely aggresive during the second, wailing on that wormy abomination, two-handing my Crushing Claymore +2.
  • 3-2 is a nightmare. I'll be back with better equipment. The lack of mobility and those horrible Trolls are impossible to deal with.
  • I entered Tower of Latria for the first time, traversing the ironically named Prison of Hope, which is a genuinely frightening place. The horrible screams of tortured prisoners and the intimidating Mind Flayers with their little bells freak me out. And whenever I open an iron maiden, some delightful surprise is waiting inside like a hellish pinyata.
  • I finally found some leather armor, suitable for the poison swamp. And then I was killed by the thrashing limbs of the Prisoner Horde (which looks exactly like The Huddle from Inside).
  • I killed the Fool's Idol, searched the boss room, and nothing happened. I then exited the fog gate, re-entered, and did the boss fight again. Still, nothing happened after killing her. There was a voice saying she will be ressurrected.
  • Oh, apparently, there is a dude controlling her somewhere above. I should find him.
  • Done and done. That was the third time I destroyed the Fool's Idol. After being yanked away by some gargoyle creatures, I was at an Archstone, but couldn't return because I had been invaded. The Black Phantom sliced me with a Bleed weapon, and I was killed. Fortunately, it was easy to get my souls back from the Archstone.
  • After transforming the Fool's Idol soul into a Soul Ray (Ray Charles, perhaps?), I went back to the old Flamelurker and killed him on my first try. I blocked everything he threw at me, and shot him with the Soul Ray, recharging my Mana with Fresh Spice. I never touched him with my sword. I gave his soul to Blacksmith Ed and crafted the awesome Meat Cleaver (from a lowly Club) using the soul of the Adjudicator. It requires Faith 16, requiring me to level up a bit, but then it has S scaling in both Strength and Dexterity, and A scaling in Faith.
  • Got the Dragon God's Trophy trophy. - I defeated the Dragon God by hiding behind pillars, waiting for his eyes to turn yellow and him raising his head, moving forward and destroying rubble with my Claymore, and shooting him with ballistae.
  • I now have the Faith for the Meat Cleaver, and it does awesome damage.
  • 2016-11-28
  • The Tower of Latria started out with its Silent Hill-esque prison, but 3-2 is downright terrifying. Why is there a huge heart in a tower? I climbed into a cage, hoping that it would be an elevator like in Bloodborne, and I was delighted to find out that it was, and not at all delighted to see my destination... Why is there a blood swamp with Man Centipedes? What kind of game developer would allow these monstrocities to exist? What a truly horrifying place.
  • By the way, I found and rescued Yurt, the Silent Chief.
  • Yes, a Fragrant Ring! I really wanted that.
  • 2016-11-29
  • After a harrowing hike through 3-2, I reached and killed the Maneaters. Enough for tonight.
  • I wanted the Ring of Herculean Strength, insurance against having to leave stuff if you're overencumbered. I was searching 1-1 for the Jade Hair Ornament, and after wasting half an hour on that, I discovered that I left it with Stockpile Thomas, who didn't mention it before I had exhausted his dialogue. And then he gave me the ring.
  • Got the Old Monk's Trophy trophy. - I destroyed the Old Monk, he never had a chance. What a weirdo, too.
  • 2016-12-04
  • Got the Storm King's Trophy trophy. - When I started playing today, I immediately entered the lair of the Storm King. Fantastic introduction, and what a beautiful, yet horrifying creature. After a few attempts where I was defeated by my own hybris, I destroyed the majestic creature using a lot of cover-based shooting of Soul Rays (no pun intended), and then wandered around the area. There was a Storm Ruler sword lying around, pretty neat. Now I'm back with over 100,000 souls. The Nexus music has changed to an unnerving organ, what is up with that? I liked it better before.
  • Hmm, should I go back to the Boletarian Palace or should I finally brave the last parts of the Valley of Defilement?
  • Yes!!! I finally inched my way through 5-2, passed the next fog gate, and unlocked the shortcut! *Finally* I never have to go through that crap again...
  • Got the Maiden Astraea's Trophy trophy. - I fought Garl Vinland, who couldn't stand up to my Meat Cleaver, wore his armour and approached Maiden Astraea, who committed suicide. I'm relieved I didn't have to fight those horrible, horrible Plague Babies in the water.
  • OK, *that* was easy. Thanks, Biorr.
  • Got the Old King's Trophy trophy. - When I met the Old King Doran, I knew he had a Trophy with his name on it. The old king didn't survive the encounter. He never knew that the guy who poisoned him was standing right in front of him. I have his armour now.
  • Argh, Old King Allant is a nightmare. He stole a Soul Level from me and killed me. That's the scariest kind of attack in this kind of game. I'll try to keep my distance from him. Maybe even try to poison him?
  • Got the False King's Trophy trophy. - I walked into King Allant's throne room with the Thief's Ring on. He didn't notice me. I waited for him to turn his back, and then walked slowly up the stairs, and cast Poison Cloud on him. His health started slowly ticking down. While the poison was doing its work, I prepared for the battle. Even after switching rings, he didn't notice me. I walked up to him and used the Meat Cleaver on his back with full force. Now the battle was on! I kept my distance, and whenever he dashed in for an attack, I blocked and used a single strong attack with the Meat Cleaver, then rolled back. I killed him without being hit with the Soul Level attack again.
  • Completed the game. I had a lot of Souls, and wanted to level up, but when I talked to The Maiden in Black, she transported me to the final area, a wonderful desolate ruined beach, the home of the magnificent Old One, a tree growth-covered monstrocity. I entered the mouth of the Old One, and found the horrible wretched remains of King Allant XII. He was transformed into a grotesque slug-like creature, the only reminder of his past humanity being the Soulbrandt sword held in his deformed right hand. I took mercy to the creature and quickly killed it. After that, I was told by the Maiden in Black to leave. It did so, and the game ended.
  • Got the World Uniter's Trophy trophy. - That's the good ending, I guess.
  • New Game+ has started, and I can't find The Maiden in Black. Where could she be?
  • Hmmm... I guess I can't level up until I've beaten The Phalanx again.
  • 2016-12-05
  • Phalanx is gone (again), and I was able to spend my souls. Enough Demon's Souls for now.
  • Oh, I just realized that the Old Monk was supposed to be a Black Phantom, i.e. a human player-controlled boss. I think that mine was an AI-controlled one, though.
  • 2017-05-06
  • I showed Erik Demon's Souls for the first time. He created a new character, played through the early area, and defeated the Phalanx. It was very entertaining to watch.
  • 2017-08-17
  • I heard about the RPCS3 emulator running Demon's Souls, but I had to try it for myself. It does indeed work, and runs well, but the emulator is still a bit buggy and crashed a few times. Still, it was pretty amazing to see it compiling all the modules and booting into the intro sequence of Demon's Souls!

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