Golden Axe III (SEGA Genesis)

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            Series : Golden Axe
         Developer : Sega
             Genre : Isometric Brawler

not completed.
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  • [11836]
    'AND YOU DEAD'. That made me laugh very hard.

Log entries

  • [11834]
    This is the first time I've even seen this game. It's not horrible, but the graphics is not super impressive, and the enemies are a bit predictable and uninspired. There is a new block move, similar to Capcom's Knights of the Round: you press back and attack simultaneously, and then hold back until an enemy attacks you. Quickly after impact of an enemy attack, they will often be open for a counterattack. The big armoured knights are very vulnerable to this technique.
  • [11835]
    I reached STAGE 7, 'THE GATE OF FATE', which is a great name. I was killed by a birdman.


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