Street Fighter V (Windows)

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Log entries

  • [6261]
    Tried the new Street Fighter out with Kalle and Erik. I'm very disappointed that the single-player stuff seems weak. Story mode is 2-4 one round fights against a bad AI, the same AI that is featured in Survival Mode, which apparently is beatable using Shoryukens only, and no Arcade Mode at all. What gives?
  • 2016-02-18
  • [6262]
    Completed the game with Ryu on Easy difficulty (Survival). Basically 100% Hadoukens. AI is *stupid*.
  • [6263]
    Completed the game with Ken on Normal difficulty (Survival). Still stupid easy.
  • 2016-07-15
  • [6729]
    I played a few rounds of SFV with Erik and Kalle and his friends visiting for EVO. This game feels so good to play. I can't wait until they make a single-player content worth playing.


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