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Log entries

  • 7878 
    Erik, Kalle, and I played some Street Fighter at the old office. This is still an excellent versus fighting game. Akuma looks crazy.
  • 7879 
    I brought my 360 fightstick, which of course doesn't work at all with a PS4.
  • 2018-05-01
  • 8543 
    I got a plan. It involves a cheap copy of Street Fighter V (169 DKK), a free upgrade to Arcade Edition, and a bunch of Hadoukens.
  • 2018-05-03
  • 8545 
    I put the SFV disc in the PS4 yesterday, and today I have SFV: Arcade Edition, which then updated itself further with purchasable characters and levels.
  • 8546 
    Completed the game with Ryu on Normal (2/3) difficulty (Arcade Mode (SFI)). Normal was very easy. I earned 250 Fight Money, and I need 100,000 to buy Guile. Calculating ... that's just 400 arcade mode completions more. Sigh.
  • 8547 
    Completed the game with Chun-Li on Normal (2/3) difficulty (Arcade Mode (SFII)). This is a fun fighting game for sure, but the difficulty of the AI is still weird. In Arcade Mode on Normal, with a character I don't really know how to play with, I still win every match with no problems at all, and then the final fight is way more difficult, a challenge I'm completely unprepared for by the previous fights.
  • 8549 
    Completed the game with Birdie on Normal (2/3) difficulty using 0 continues (Arcade Mode (SFA)). I think Birdie is the most fun grappler character I have played with.
  • 2018-05-04
  • 8550 
    Completed the game with Laura on Normal (2/3) difficulty using 0 continues (Arcade Mode (SFIII)).
  • 2018-05-05
  • 8551 
    Completed the game with Zangief on Normal (2/3) difficulty using 2 continues (Arcade Mode (SFIV)).
  • 2018-05-06
  • 8555 
    Completed the game with Nash on Normal (2/3) difficulty using 1 continues (Arcade Mode (SFV)).
  • 2018-05-07
  • 8557 
    Completed the game (Character Story). I just played through Character Story with the original 16 characters. It was 2 hours of mind-numbing boredom, a slideshow with voice acting broken up by trivially easy 1-round fights. Unbelievable.
  • 8558 
    General Story is the first item on the menu, but it is greyed out. It turns out you have to find and download a separate DLC: 'Street Fighter V - A Shadow Falls (Cinematic Story Expansion)'. What a weird game this is.
  • 8559 
    I bought my first character, the monstrous Final Fight boss Abigail, for 100,000 Fight Money, of which I had earned 150,000 for playing through all the Character Story stuff and some Survival Mode.
  • 8560 
    The soundtrack is great. The awesome original SFV title theme is by Masahiro Aoki.
  • 8561 
    Completed the game with Abigal on Normal (2/3) difficulty (Arcade Mode (SFI)).
  • 2018-05-08
  • 8562 
    I bought the Season 1 Character Pass on sale for 52 DKK and played through more of the abject boredom that is the Character Stories. I look forward to playing the General Story Mode, which looks like it could actually be fun.
  • 2018-05-09
  • 8563 
    Completed the game (General Story Mode). I played through 3 hours of story mode, with mostly trivial 1-round fights. Although it is reasonably well-made for a fighting game campaign, I don't understand the balance between cut-scenes and gameplay. The 1-round fights are over in seconds, and then you have to watch 5-10 minutes of cut-scenes before the next one. The balance could easily have been way different, making for a longer and more fun story mode. I was barely paying attention playing through it.
  • 8564 
    I got 0 trophies and 0 Fight Money for playing for 3 hours. Great
  • 2018-05-10
  • 8567 
    Completed the game with Guile on Normal (2/3) difficulty (Arcade Mode (SFII)).
  • 2018-05-11
  • 8585 
    I failed Survival Mode with Balrog. I like playing with him, but my fighting style is a bit one-note.
  • 2018-05-23
  • 8612 
    Completed the game with Blanka on Normal (2/3) difficulty (Arcade Mode (SFII)).
  • 2018-06-30
  • 8962 
    Erik, Nabaz, and I played a bunch of matches of SFV. This game is so much more interesting when played against humans.
  • 2020-01-18
  • 10323 
    Erik, Bjørk, Malu, and I played a few matches of SFV. I might be interested in getting Champion Edition to unlock all the characters.

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