Street Fighter IV

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SF4 is kick-ass hard, and just completing Arcade Mode on medium difficulty requires all my concentration. The simple but utterly technical fighting mechanics offer a wealth of possibilities that keeps me interested.
Sagat kicks ass

log entries

  • 82
    completed the game on Medium difficulty. Got every character but Seth.
  • 2009-03-11
  • 85
    Got the The World Warrior achievement. - Unlocked all characters
  • 2009-03-12
  • 83
    Trying to beat Goukens combo challenge, I just had an epiphany. Read more in my Street Fighter page.
  • 2009-03-21
  • 84
    When visiting Morten, I inadvertently tried playing SF4 online. Obviously, I got totally pummelled, but the sheer excitement of it drew me into a black hole of desire. A desire, that could only be satisfied by joining the ranks of Xbox Live zombie slaves of Microsoft: Gold Members ('Gold Member' not 'Goldmember'). So, now I play SF4 online. Must ... give ... all ... my ... money ... to ... Microsoft .
  • 2009-03-24
  • 86
    Got the World Champion achievement. - I was getting the shit kicked out of my semi-crappy Gouken on Medium difficulty. When finally completing it, I read somewhere that Seth didn't change difficulty on Hardest difficulty. This meant that I could beat him. And sure enough, during my first fight with him using Sagat, I did it.
  • 2009-06-24
  • 87
    Got the Storied Reputation achievement. - Completed with all characters on medium. C. Viper was a bitch to complete with. But I got it done... Now I never have to play with her again - I'll just kick her ass, the next time I see Yngve. :)
  • 2009-07-18
  • 234
    Trying out my new Mad Catz Fightstick: Tournament Edition... It is AWESOME :)
  • 2009-07-19
  • 237
    completed the game with Sagat on Medium difficulty and got the score: 576012. Completed using the Fightstick :)
  • 2009-08-02
  • 284
    Got the Save Your Quarters achievement. - Finally completed without continues. Used the stupid Zangief Double Lariat method. It was too easy...
  • 2009-12-05
  • 433
    Got the Tough Cookie achievement. - - And the way I did it: I chose Zangief, autofire on LB on my FightStick, and pulled right + LB. Great.


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