Mega Man (NES)

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            Series : Mega Man
         Developer : Capcom
             Music : Manami Matsumae
             Genre : 2D Platformer
        Other Tags : robots

I'm playing this cute old game on the Nestopia emulator. Since Mega Man has unlimited continues, I just keep a save state with my progress in it. And of course, I don't use any cheating such as rewinding or reloading save states.
Mega Man

Log entries

  • [535]
    Started playing 'Rockman' yesterday :). I have defeated Bomb Man, Guts Man, Cut Man, and Elec Man, and I'm working on Ice Man now.
  • 2010-03-04
  • [541]
    Defeated Ice Man at work today.
  • 2010-03-06
  • [543]
    completed the game. Phew! That was hard. I finally defeated Dr. Wily, although the boss rush of Bomb Man, Fire Man, Ice Man, and Guts Man was the real problem. I have sort of learned a Bomb Man 'dance' where I follow his jumps around and burn him. Fire Man is a real bitch, he just fires fire walls in rapid succession, and I never figured out how to avoid them, so I just fired ice in his face as quickly as possible. Ice Man is a joke, I can grill him with elektricity before he can even hit me, and Guts Man took a bit of fancy footwork. Dr. Wily himself is quite easy, once you figure out what to do about him.


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