Twin Hawk

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  • 7596
    This is a cool looking shooter, the backgrounds are particularly well-rendered, with great use of shadows and depth, and depicting a post-apocalyptic country with destroyed buildings and fissures in the ground.
  • 2017-03-27
  • 7606
    From the flyer: 'It was in the year 193X that enemy forces planned to attack and conquer country R. A small oasis town, S was the target for the raid.' Interesting.
  • 7607
    The screenshot I just uploaded is scaled to 3:4 anamorphic pixels, which roughly corresponds to the 3:4.1 aspect ratio screenshots from the flyer. MAME 0.183 scales it to 4:3.
  • 7609
    Argh, that big tank boss is so unfair. So many bullets, so fast, and it's moving around in the middle of the screen.
  • 2017-03-28
  • 7610
    completed the game (MAME (first ROUND)). Yes! After practicing for hours, I learned how to dodge the triple bullets from the big tank guns, and do a fancy dodge maneuver whenever the other bullets were fired towards me. When the other bullets have just been fired, I could seize the opportunity to hover directly over the big tank and fire like crazy (you can fire faster when you are close to the enemy). Once the three bullet ports were destroyed, I could just stay on top of the tank and quickly destroy it. There was a checkpoint after the tank was destroyed, but I didn't need it before I completed the first round. Very cool game.
  • 7612
    Man, those are some nice looking rock formations and destroyed buildings.