Fighting Street (PC Engine CD)

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            Series : Street Fighter
Original Developer : Capcom
             Genre : Fighting games
          Hardware : CD-ROM
           Port of : Street Fighter (1987 Arcade) 

not completed.
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Log entries

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    This is a CD-ROM game from 1988! It's a very interesting port of Street Fighter. The graphics and awful, awful gameplay seems reasonably intact from the arcade game, but the interesting part here is the sound. The music is fantastic 1980s synth arrangements of the Street Fighter music, replayed in CD quality. The sound effects and speech, however, is the same quality as the arcade game, which is extremely rough. The end result is very funny, after a match you hear an awesome crisp 1980s jazz fusion vignette, followed by the roughest speech recording you ever heard.
  • 13152 
    The first opponent says 'GO TO HEAVEN' when he wins.
  • 2022-06-07
  • 13165 
    The cover shows Ryu ready for a street fight in front of Mount Rushmore.

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