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That Kobold won't survive for long

log entries

  • 2730
    Installed Rogue on my server, I miss these games...
  • 2731
    REST IN PEACE. schmid 53 Au killed by hypothermia 2013. Harsh.
  • 2013-06-26
  • 2732
    The 'resume savegame' command is 'rogue54 -r'.
  • 2733
    I reached level 10 and my dude is still alive. Must sleep now.
  • 2013-06-27
  • 2734
    My dude has reached dungeon level 12. I was almost killed by a Centaur, but just barely survived.
  • 2013-06-28
  • 2737
    Got the score 605. Noooooo! Killed on level 13 by a troll. I reached level 13, met a troll that almost killed me, fled like the wind, only to run into an Orc. Stuck between a Troll and a hard place, there was nothing I could do.
  • 2013-07-29
  • 2819
    Got the score 405. Killed by a rattlesnake.
  • 2014-03-27
  • 3632
    Got the score 742. Killed by a Quagga, whatever that is.
  • 3633
    Got the score 689. Damn, I was surrounded by Rattlesnakes and Emus. No way out.
  • 3635
    Hypothermia is killing me too often, I need to figure out what to do about that. Damn Ice Monsters.
  • 2014-03-28
  • 3639
    Got the score 617. Full health, one shot by an Ice Monster. I *hate* Ice Monsters!
  • 2014-03-29
  • 3645
    Until now, I've been playing Rogue 5.4, the newest version, but after looking at rogueforge, I found that Ice Monsters, Kestrels, and Rattlesnakes, was changed from the original monsters in Rogue 3.6.3 and earlier, where there were Floating Eyes, Kobolds, and Giant Ants instead. Much more like DnD. Being paralyzed and killed by a Floating Eye seems much more acceptable than an Ice Monster. Luckily, the 3.6.3 version is still available for Windows on and for Linux on
  • 3642
    OK, Floating Eyes (E) paralyze, and Giant Ants (A) drain strength. Avoid at all costs.
  • 3646
    Damn, the Linux version 3.6 keeps crashing on me. I'll try the Windows version instead...
  • 3647
    Hah, while fleeing from a Giant Ant, I panicked and tried out zapping an unidentified wand. I fired some kind of bolt, which bounced from the wall and hit my dude. It was fatal.
  • 2014-03-30
  • 3656
    Hands glowing red means attacking monsters will confuse them.
  • 3657
    Damn Rust Monster ruined my awesome Plate Mail. I should just have taken it off the moment I saw that 'R'. It doesn't really do any damage to my dude anyway.
  • 3658
    Yes, found a +2 Chain Mail, which would be equivalent to my now rusty Plate Armor. That's lucky.
  • 3659
    Argh, I'm level 8 with 51 hit points, but is constantly being attacked by Rust Monsters and Giant Ants, so I have crap armor and a ridiculous Strength 7.
  • 3660
    Got the score 2033. Dammit, that was the furthest I've gotten yet. I think I reached level 13 with low health and was greeted by the first Troll I've encountered. I had no items that helped, so he quickly dispatched me...
  • 2014-08-20
  • 4352
    Got the score 1603. Killed by a Centaur. Those guys are pretty brutal.
  • 4353
    It seems that scrolls are mostly just useful, so I've started reading them as soon as I get them.
  • 2014-08-21
  • 4356
    Got the score 0. I was killed by my first encounter with a Kobold on level 1. Damn random numbers.
  • 4357
    Potions of Strength don't restore lost strength, they just increase strength with 1, so there is no reason not to use them immediately when found.
  • 4358
    Got the score 2071. Initially an excellent run with Plate Armor and Two Handed Sword, but after losing all my good armor to Rust Monsters, I met a Troll in a dark room. Death ensued.
  • 2014-09-02
  • 4453
    Got the score 2092. So many Yetis, Quasits, and Orcs.
  • 4454
    I read that Rust Monsters only appear on levels 9-18, and a strategy should be to only wear your second best armor on all of those levels. What a horribly evil design choice.
  • 4455
    'Feeling as if somebody is watching over you' means Remove Curse which seems to remove all curses on all items.
  • 4456
    Scroll of Genocide? Oh my. Feel so ... incredibly powerful... Must ... destroy ... all ... Rust Monsters!
  • 4457
    Potions that make you 'fell warm all over' Restore Strength! Very important.
  • 4458
    My +3,+1 mace is wasting Trolls and Yetis left and right on dungeon level 16.
  • 4459
    Got the score 2367. Oh no, I was defeated by an Umber Hulk on level 18. But what a great game: destroyed an entire species of Rust Monsters, used a great enchanted mace, and figured out how to regain lost Strength.
  • 4460
    I found a great resource for Rogue: The Rogue's Vade-Mecum. Especially its catalogue of messages is very useful.
  • 2014-09-03
  • 4462
    My character might be blind and weak as a kitten (str 6), but he has an awesome +3,+2 mace and a wand of DEATH (actually I don't know what it is, but it seems to kill things). Enchanted weapons stats are like this:
    [Accuracy modifier],[Damage modifier]
  • 4463
    Two Giant Ants in a hallway? That's not fair! And now I'm dead.
  • 2018-01-30
  • 8368
    Got the score 1484. Drank Potion of Darkness at dungeon level 10, was killed by a quasit, a tiny demon.