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I used to play this roguelike on my Linux machine in the early 2000's.


 20 ..............  with Dwarf Warrior on 2013-08-04
 13 ..............  on 2015-08-29
 11 ..............  with Dwarf Warrior on 2014-08-30
 11 ..............  with Human Rogue on 2013-08-04
 10 ..............  with Dwarf Warrior on 2014-08-30
  9 ..............  with Human Warrior on 2014-08-28
  3 ..............  with Dwarf Warrior on 2013-07-29
  2 ..............  with Dwarf Warrior on 2013-07-29

Log entries

  • [4139]
    2014-07-09: Committed first Angband savegame to Subversion with this message: Schmidron (level 5) is awesome
  • 2013-07-29
  • [2820]
    Got the score 2. My level 5 dwarf was unceremoniously murdered on dungeon level 2 by a lowly Kobold.
  • [2821]
    Got the score 3. My level 7 died by the hand of an Acolyte, pressed against a wall, stricken with terror after eating some bad mushrooms.
  • 2013-07-30
  • [2822]
    Dwarfism, the level 13 Dwarf Warrior has had an eventful night, escaping from and then killing more than 6 Cave Orcs, and after being robbed blind by Wormtongue himself he made an escape back to town, where he punched some random people.
  • [2823]
    Whoa, an epic battle of my dwarf stabbing 17 Hill Orcs to death with a rapier.
  • [2825]
    You see a Scroll titled 'anus cadem'.
  • [2826]
    Ah ... 'anus cadem' of course means 'Magic Mapping'. My fears are alleviated.
  • [2828]
    Hmm... damn Ring of the Mouse gave me -5 to damage. Horrible. The item bonuses are structured like this:
    ITEM (+to_hit, +to_damange) [AC, +armor_bonus] (+some_stat_bonus)
    Positive numbers are good, negative bad.
  • 2013-08-01
  • [2836]
    Holy Moses! I just gained 13 levels from a Potion of Experience, an item that is worth 25000 gold. That seems completely crazy.
  • [2837]
    I got Wormtongue, that thieving, taunting, mother-insulting freak.
  • [2838]
    Oh no - an Umber hulk - the horror - it causes confusion - I was down to 2 HP, managed to eat a Mushroom of Clear Mind to stop the confusion, read a Teleport scroll, and paused to regenerate for a while. And then the hulk came through the wall. Argh!!!
  • [2839]
    I escaped using another Mushroom of Clear Mind. Those things are life-savers. That dungeon level 18 is pretty serious.
  • 2013-08-04
  • [2860]
    Glaive of *Slay Undead* - +1 wisdom, see invisible, dmg/rnd: 51 vs. undead, 19.2 vs. others. Niiiice.
  • [2861]
    Reached level 20!
  • [2862]
    Got the score 20. NOOOOOOO!!! So many Hummerhorns, with their confusingness... Dwarfism the Myrmidon died, still at level 30.
  • [2863]
    OK, new character, let's try a human rogue, and name him Roger.
  • [2864]
    Just for referenc, my level 3 Rogue has the 'Self' stats:
    STR:17 INT:10 WIS:10 DEX:16 CON:16 CHR:10.
  • [2865]
    Oh, Angband hallucinations are *the best*.
  • [2866]
    Got the score 11. OHNO! Roger the Rogue was killed on level 11 by an Ochre jelly, whatever that is. It was the result of attempting a Phase Door spell when overwhelmed by wolves, and phasing randomly onto a worse enemy.
  • [2867]
    At least I learned a few tricks. Inscribing '{' items enables having a fixed key for an item or quick-swapping between them:
    1. I inscribed Scroll of Identify with '@r1', enabling pressing 'r1' to identify.
    2. I also inscribed my main weapon and a shovel with '@w1', enabling quick-swap by pressing 'w1'.
  • 2013-08-21
  • [2917]
    I played a game with a Kobold Ranger, and reached character level 5. I was able to cast Magic Missiles and Cure Light Wounds, as well as kill most things off with my bow, but ended up being bitten by 5 Cave Spiders in the same round on dungeon level 3, immediately killing me.
  • 2013-08-25
  • [2930]
    Played some more with a Kobold Ranger, I really like the Ranger class, and the Kobold poison resistance is very helpful in the beginning. And it turns out that you can fire default ammo using the 'tab' key. That's a game changer.
  • 2014-08-28
  • [4418]
    I heard about all of the changes in Angband version 3.5.0, so I wanted to try playing it. The brave Human Warrior 'fdfdfd' set forth into the Halls of Angband armed with a dagger and reckless abandon.
  • [4419]
    Oh no, a Rot Jelly ate my last food!
  • [4420]
    Oh, you can't sell stuff anymore. Good.
  • [4422]
    Got the score 9. RIP fdfdfd the Soldier. He was killed on level 9 by a Giant Red Scorpion.
  • [4423]
    The new version seems more streamlined and potentially more fun to play.
  • 2014-08-30
  • [4433]
    Got the score 10. Dworf the Soldier was killed by Orfax, Son of Boldor, whoever that is. I've started diving as fast as possible to level 10, where the game gets interesting and you supposedly level up really quickly.
  • [4435]
    Got the score 11. Damn Staff of Summoning, summoned Mirkwood Spider killed me.
  • 2015-08-29
  • [5756]
    Version 4.0.1 is out, so I took Incineron the Mage down into the dungeons. He's casting Magic Missiles in the air, like he doesn't care.
  • [5757]
    Stat drains are temporary until you level up. Unlike that (@&#& Moria.
  • [5758]
    It's fun to use Lightning Bolt to kill multiple creatures at once. I just killed 4 Blue worm masses.
  • [5759]
    Ctrl-V to repeat last command is extremely handy for a mage. I can cast Magic Missiles for days.
  • [5760]
    Got the score 13. Dammit, Incineron the Mage was killed on level 13 by a acid-breathing Baby Black Dragon.
  • 2015-08-30
  • [5770]
    The newest incarnation of Incineron the Mage accidentally summoned a horde of monsters, drank a potion of Deep Descent to escape, and was killed og level 12 by a Dark Elven Priest. I completely forgot that I had both Phase Door and Teleport Self. I really need to start using those more.


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