Bubble Bobble

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All those Zen-Chans are going to be bubbled

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    Bubble Bobble is a game that has always been around me. Everybody knew it and liked it, a lot of people played it on the C64, and the theme music has been played a lot on pianos at partys in Aalborg. This was not my first game of Bubble Bobble, but maybe the first one where I took the game seriously. I like the single screen platformer, like Donkey Kong, and Rod-Land, which was my favourite in this genre on the Amiga.
  • 2014-05-08
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    Got the score 230400.
  • 2014-08-21
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    Using a ridiculous number of emulated coins, I played through the first 84 levels with Erik after work, after which the game ended for some reason.
  • 2014-10-25
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    Jonas and I innocently started playing Bubble Bobble, which started out fun, but after the first 60 levels, we started getting serious about getting through the game, and then it turned into a horrible death march. The last couple of levels gave us a lot of trouble, especially level 97, where we were stuck for a long time. We even reached the final boss on level 100, and got him down to his final red blinking stage, and then the worst thing happened ... we both died at the same time, and the game immediately ended! How awful is that? This game is evil.