Bubble Bobble

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  • 9658
    Malu and I played a few levels of this frantic game. She had not tried it before, so she thought it was very confusing. Which it is.
  • 2020-07-19
  • 10960
    Malu and I played through the entire game up to the final boss, which we were to tired to beat tonight. Level 57 and a few others were so tricky. Bubble Bobble has it's own weird platforming logic that you need to understand.
  • 10961
    Tip: holding down the jump button enables jumping on bubbles.
  • 10962
    Tip: You can jump up through the top of the screen on a bubble, to enter the bottom of the screen. There is a gap, but it's possible.
  • 10963
    This game has wind zones that blows the bubbles in different directions in the different levels. It's pretty nuts.
  • 10964
    Password: GEJJJ


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